Morro Bay selects interim city manager

February 17, 2023


Morro Bay has selected Greg Carpenter as interim city manager, the city announced on Friday.

On Feb. 28, the Morro Bay City Council is slated to approve Carpenter’s contract. Carpenter will take the helm on March 13.

He is replacing Scott Collins, who accepted a job with the Housing Authority of San Luis Obispo.

Previously, Carpenter  served as a city manager and director of planning and building safety for the City of El Segundo. Most recently, he served as the interim city manager for Paso Robles.

“We are thankful that Mr. Carpenter will be able to serve the community as interim city manager, while we work with a recruiter to search for the next city manager,” said Mayor Carla Wixom.  “I believe Mr. Carpenter will be a good fit for the interim position, as he understands our region and has previously served as a city manager for a coastal California community.”

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Sweet. Collect CalPers on the $200,000 plus the new job at least that, $400,000 plus. HASLO is insanely corrupt and answerable to no one.

Anyone else find it the least bit disturbing that going to work for the Housing Authority (a non-profit corporation) would have better pay and benefits than a city manager? It speaks volumes as to why the homeless industrial complex has become so lucrative.

Non-profit is code for we spend all our money on salaries and compensation so we have nothing left over, but hey we are non-profit…..

Well put. These people don’t give a f**k about the homeless, they see opportunity for salaries higher than that of the State Governor and no oversite because they are “private corporations” albeit completely funded by taxpayers. This is a racket, pure and simple. I’ve dealt with these leaches, this is the fact of the matter.

They should have chosen me… I work cheep…

And Carpenter’s contract has total compensation at ????? and does it have a lucrative golden parachute clause?

$194,179 a year (something that is public information and easy to search). Totally reasonable amount for the chief executive officer of a organization with a $50+ million annual budget and over 100 full time employees – if anything, quite low compared to a private sector equivalent. By “lucrative gold parachute”, I assume you mean pension (public sector doesn’t have the same forced retirement packages like hedge funds and tech companies), that depends on how long he’s been working – probably about on par with a bank manager or at most a medium business owner.