Paso Robles man sentenced to six years for raping intoxicated teen

February 6, 2023

Jose Francis Hernandezgarcia


A judge sentenced a 26-year-old Paso Robles man to six years in prison after he pled to raping an intoxicated teen who was walking through his neighborhood after leaving the Mid-State Fair.

On the evening of July 21, 2022, without a wallet or a phone and separated from her friends, the 16-year-old was crying and worried about how to get home. Jose Francis Hernandezgarcia brought the girl into his home and raped her.

Paso Robles police investigated the rape and District Attorney Dan Dow prosecuted the case.

“My heart is broken for this young survivor who has been greatly affected by this violent crime committed against her,” Dow said. “We thank her friends and family for promptly assisting her to seek medical attention and to report the crime to law enforcement. We encourage all victims of sexual violence to seek help and report to law enforcement so that we can fulfill our mission to aggressively and fairly prosecute crimes like this committed against vulnerable victims.”

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Well, thank goodness he will be released soon, because he can’t afford bail. Thank you, governor Newsom, for your farsightedness in justice to victims of violent crime!

Too bad you made it more difficult for the girl to carry a gun for protection…

More nonsense fearmongering. He was sentenced to jail, so “bail” doesn’t apply any more, so his ability to afford it will do nothing to shorten his sentence, genius. And you are promoting the idea of intoxicated underage children carrying guns for their protection? Brilliant…

Sad that many sexual assault victims are too ashamed to report being raped. Would not be surprised if this perp was a repeat offender.

Why oh why only six years?

Good question, and without going into the weeds, probably a complex answer. This is why it is important for us to have Dan Dow as DA. We know he got what he could, that’s more and more less often the case with other DA’s in California

Dow has historically been soft on prosecuting sex crimes, especially when the perps are well connected. Just look at numerous articles on CCN about Dow refusing to prosecute a rapist police officer despite ample evidence of his crimes and many other examples. Exactly how do “we know” he got what he could? Blind faith? It seems if you want to be tough on sex crimes, it would be important to NOT have Dan Dow as DA.

My question exactly.

a fair sentence…

plenty of time time find out just why they call it the pokey.

It is too bad that unfortunate young lady didn’t attend the fair with real friends.