State to layoff more than 300 California Men’s Colony staffers

February 9, 2023


The California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation (CDRC) plans to layoff more than 300 San Luis Obispo County employees as it closes most of California Men’s Colony West Facility, according to an email from a union representative.

The state plans to cut 250 correctional officer, 23 sergeants, nine lieutenants, two captains, two correctional counselors and one associate warden. Of those, it is anticipated 90 will retire early and the others will transfer to facilities located outside the county.

As a result, the county will lose more than $30 million in salaries.

In addition, the CDRC is planning to eliminate dozens of support staff positions including maintenance workers, kitchen crews and medical staffers.

The closure is the result of attrition and the progressive decline in the inmate population. While an exact date when the state will begin transferring inmates and closing housing units has not been identified, portions of the West Facility are scheduled to be closed by Dec. 2023.

Many union workers are starting to jump ship, applying for positions at other state prisons.

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