Caltrans reopening Highway 41 between Atascadero and Morro Bay

March 28, 2023


Caltrans is reopening Highway 41 in Atascadero on Tuesday afternoon following a two-week closure. The highway was initially closed on March 14 because of a mudslide.

Crews have removed thousands of yards of dirt from the slide and slope, working during daylight hours, seven days a week. Crews are installing railing today, then the highway can reopen to travelers.

Caltrans hired Souza Construction of San Luis Obispo to complete the $2.8 million emergency project.

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Maybe if we wouldn’t be sending Billions to other countries to help them out and most hate us then we could have the money to upkeep the roads and do these emergency repairs. This shows it can be done if you limit government regs

Oh goody! Just in time for our next big soaker coming in tonight through Thursday.

Then perhaps 2 next week.

To be closed again soon is a real possibility.

So expidited work can be done for this project, why not for other projects, 101 through King City, Camp Roberts rest stops and others that impact large volumes of traffic. Some of these projects have been going on for months in not years.