Repeat offender tracked by Sam Blakeslee headed to jail

March 28, 2023


A repeat offender with a criminal history spanning five states is facing 270 days in jail after he attempted to rob a former California senator and assemblyman outside a drug store in San Luis Obispo.

James Delles pled to charges of commercial burglary and attempted robbery after he burglarized Sam Blakeslee’ office and then attempted to rob the former public official. SLO County Judge Barry LaBarbera indicated plans to sentence Delles to 270 days in jail along with felony probation.

“I am very grateful for the hard work of Dan Dow and his entire team,” Blakeslee said. “Their efforts are helping to make our streets safer. I owe them a debt of gratitude.”

At about 4 a.m. on Jan. 30, a security camera caught Delles jimmy the lock at the side door of Blakeslee & Blakeslee, a financial service business on Marsh Street in SLO. Delles spent about an hour in the office before leaving with bags of stolen items, including Blakeslee’s Apple Watch and his iPad.

Realizing an app on his cell phone could track the missing Apple products as long as the items remained charged, the 67 year old began to hunt for the burglar.

Eventually, the app led Blakeslee to the CVS on Marsh Street. Blakeslee then called 911 to report his items were with someone outside the store. However, Blakeslee then learned that police rank burglaries a low priority.

After about 15 minutes, Blakeslee noticed a man pull an iPad out of a shopping cart he was pushing. He snapped the suspect’s photo, who became enraged. The suspect charged at Blakeslee and attempted to take his phone.

Blakeslee held onto his phone, and after the man gave up, called 911 a second time. This time officers arrived in about five minutes.

Delles is scheduled to be sentenced on April 21.

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Apparently, it’s not just the police that consider burglary a low priority. The judicial system doesn’t apply much of a deterrent.

Heading to jail but likely not staying long.

Sam handled himself very well, probably due to having worked many years with liars and thieves. Trust and verify, this continues to be a valuable approach.

Thanks to Apple for having a “Find My” app for their IPhone, iPad and MacBook devices.

And if

Yes, you make a valid point. And that is why the good guys & gals should always be armed. To his credit and good fortune, Mr. Blakeslee was able to end this criminal caper peacefully. Considering his long and far-ranging criminal history, Dimbulb Delles’ jail sentence is too short by a factor of around 10.

And Thank You Karen for your due diligence on this case, as always on all relevant cases positive for society.

Great Job Sam

I followed this from the beginning and You are a Hero to all that care about criminal justice and the accountability that should always go with it, although that accountability, no fault of your’s, should have been much more severe. Great Job Again!!