Paso Robles candidates split on social justice, discipline

March 23, 2023


The two candidates for a seat on the Paso Robles school board discussed social justice, safety, discipline and student proficiency in math and English during a candidate forum on Wednesday.

Kenny Enney is a retired Marine Corp intelligence officer and local rancher. Angela Hollander worked as a neonatal intensive care nurse, a coordinator at First 5 SLO County and as a manager for the community Foundation.

Angela Hollander

First to speak was Hollander, who discussed the importance of diversity, emotional well being and positive behavioral responses to discipline issues. She also noted the district’s poor testing scores and the need for more support for children between the ages of 3 and 5.

Next, Enney emphasized improving proficiency in math and English through a focus on education rather than social justice. He supports zero tolerance for drugs, gangs and disrespecting teachers.

The SLO County League of Women Voters moderated the forum, asking 29 question of both candidates.

What is the most effective way to support LGBTQ students?

Enney: “LGBTQ students have the same rights as every student. The question really should be what’s the best was to support all students.

“There should not be any division, there should not be any special

Kenneth E. Enney Jr.

colors, there should not be any special groups. This is part of getting back to basic citizenship.

“We used to teach this: E Pluribus Unum, out of many, one, and we used to all have one flag, that’s the inclusivity flag over there in the corner, and that should be everybody’s flag and everybody’s rights should be the same and we should be equally concerned about all students.”

Hollander: “I think our LGBTQ students face a lot of homophobia and challenges in their life and I want to make sure that there’s no room for that on our school campuses.

“Look at the research and data. They are a protected class because we are not to discriminate in this country against race, religion, sexual orientation or gender. So, I just want every child to feel safe so that they can learn and reach their highest potential no matter who they are or who their family is.”

Should school staff respect students’ preferred pronouns?

Enney: “No.”

Hollander: “If they are going through a faze, I don’t have a problem with that.”

Do you support a parent’s right to know about their children’s’ gender issues?

Hollander: “Don’t understand, but hope that parents know everything. As a mandated reporter, if the child is abused I am required to report. If the child’s life is not in danger, yes.”

Enney: “Yes. Very easy answer.”

What age should comprehensive sex education begin?

Hollander: “It is never to early. Don’t keep things away from children.”

Enney: “I think 8th grade, but allow parents to opt in or out.”

How do you keep teachers safe?

Enney: “Make a zero tolerance policy. “If you are disrespectful to a teacher, you are thrown out of class. No warning.”

Hollander: “We have to follow education law. Have a model, positive behavior intervention. You don’t just throw a child out unless one of five: sexual assault, brandishing a weapon. We have a scholarship for kids who have been to juvenile hall. Kids make dumb mistakes.”

What is the cause of low test scores?

Enney: “Low scores stem from a lack of leadership at the top. Make testing a priority, it gets down to holding the students accountable, no social promoting.”

Hollander: “I know our test scores are too low. When they move to sixth grade, provide small focused classes and tutoring.”

The special election is on April 18.

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Why are people putting down military experience? Some of my best teachers were ex-military.

Why are people putting down teacher unions? What’s wrong with having well paid teachers?

It’s not about putting down teacher unions. They do a great job of that themselves with forcing non-educational social issues down the throats of parents and students that have no business in the classroom. The indoctrinating of our children in the sick social issues is the heart of their agenda. Educate instead of indoctrinating. Get back to what you’re paid to do.

Mr. Enney will make this happen. Mrs. Hollender is nothing more than a hireling propped up Alvord and the union to continue their attempt to promote the failing wokeness of destruction. Again, I ask. What will the shady Alvord and the selfish and out of touch with reality union do when Mr. Enney wins?

Okay, what are the “sick social issues” at “the heart of their agenda”?

I am trying to figure out what the various sides are all about. My guess, BLM and LBGTQ are the two hotspots, to me, and I can be wrong, is how the sides define the concepts.

1) Positive definition towards BLM, make people of color feel included, valued, police are their to serve and protect them also, “BLM2”. 2) Negative definition towards BLM, gives special privileges to certain folks, handicaps law enforcement with vague standards, divides the country into groups.

LBGTQ issues, 1) Positive definition inclusion, acceptance, about 8% of the US defines themselves as LBGTQ, they are just plain nice people, 2) Negative definition challenges traditional values, threatens the family unit, feels forced.

Apologies if my thoughts offend anyone.

Thanks so much for making my point. None of these or any other of the social issue belong in the classroom. Period.

Each student are individuals. They have the right to develop their own opinions and search out the truth and facts on these and all issues themselves as they develop thoughts and opinions as young men and women.

The problem again is, they are being force-fed a desired narrative to accept or else. We’ve seen that with Mr. Enney. There’s nothing positive or inclusive in that. Where’s the acceptance of these young individuals developing their own opinions on issues.

The two groups you decided to use both are intolerant, divisive, uninclussive, and hateful to opinions or thoughts different from theirs.

I don’t apologize if my thoughts offend anyone. Being offended by others is part of live. Maybe that could be included in a course of “Real life 101” as these young men and women develop for themselves. It would be much more helpful to them going forward.

No wonder PR schools are having so many concerns and challenges, demonstrated clearly by the straight-jacket militaristic views displayed by commenter’s so far. The strict “educational-only” views expressed have NO CLUE what students of today are experiencing in life, of which the educational process is only a piece of a very complex and confusing life for the vast majority of students. Our schools today are being forced into providing “parental-like” care and services that schools did not have to do many years ago when we older adults were children, having far more loving and supportive parents than today, AND we did not have dangerous electronic social media blaring at and overwhelming us 24 hours a day. OUT with the strict, clueless military approach and IN with the KNOWLEDGEABLE, CARING and SUPPORTIVE approach by teachers, administrators and communities. OUT with Enney and IN with Hollander. We are living in the future, not the no-longer-applicable past. Vote for our children’s supported future (Hollander), not the “my way or the highway” views (Enney).

Interesting response, made me rethink. Still like Enney’s basic get down to studies, but maybe I am dated in my thinking.

Teachers, school administrators, school board members and school employees should be serving the public, not special interests.

That makes too much sense. Sensible and basic education of students has been lost by all that you mentioned. I know multiple teachers and staff in the district. They want Enney on the board. They fear for their jobs to speak out. Their freedom of speech and opinions have been neutered by Alvord, her supporter’s and the union.

Speaking as a veteran, the last place I would want any military influence or experience is in the classroom and or education writ large, especially someone as obviously extreme and unbalanced as this Enney character.

Exactly, we certainly don’t want some who has learned respect, leadership, organization and honor, let alone patriotism influencing our children.

What? Really? Hmmmmm?

I’ll bet you know the intricacies of an Article 15, or a Captains Mast…

Hollander was all about; I, I, I, I you would think that with all the years she claims, she would have a clear message and not just talk about her experience.

PLEASE watch it on YouTube, look at her nervous actions looking into the audience as if looking for approval from someone.

She also kept saying I already said that, If you have a TRUE belief and not just a rehearsed answer you should be able to repeat it over and over if you believe in what you’re saying.

She’s also taking monies from the state unions. Unions are POLITICAL Angela.

Look up these facts.

She also claims CRT doesn’t exist.

My friend a teacher at PR High was asked to sign a petition to teach CRT regardless of any future laws, the friend refused to sign and is worried about future repercussions from union. EVERY TEACHER has been asked to sign this.

Enney was on point and not rehearsed, he over and over said; We, We, We, for educators and parents as this is our job as a community to make our children ready for graduating understanding ALL SUBJECTS.

It’s clear and simple vote for Kenny Enney.

Mr. Enney is very good. He will confront issues head on and be results driven. He is BY FAR the best candidate for our kids.

We need the best education possible (data) to make the best choices for our future. Although I do respect the tender touch neonatal care provides, we have a greater need to groom capable adults that have experienced failures and levels of success before they leave academia. Ennie reads to be the better choice in my mind.

My kid’s are long grown up and seeing this stuff, I’m very thankful. I can only say just how dangerous it would be to allow Hollander or anyone with similar thoughts to have any power over one’s children. This will be a huge turn in the wrong direction if she is allowed into this position.