Enney wins Paso Robles school board election

April 21, 2023

Kenneth E. Enney Jr.


Leading by more than 1,000 votes, Kenney Enney has won a seat on the Paso Robles Joint Unified School District Board, according to election results released Friday afternoon.

“I am looking forward to getting back on the board, and to turn the district around with a focus on academic performance,” Enney said.

Enney received 6,524 votes, or 54.42%, while Hollander pulled in 5,464 votes, or 45.57%. There are still 96 ballots with questionable signatures and ballots received through Monday to be counted.

After Enney was appointed to the school district board in Oct. 2022, he discovered a school online page for LBGTQ students which included a link to a chatroom where adults discussed sex. He asked the district to take down the link and then asked law enforcement to investigate.

Shortly afterwards, Carey Alvord, who works in the office that provided the questionable link, organized a petition drive to oust Enney from the board after voicing concerns over divisiveness in the district. Several signers of the petition condemned Enney on social media for sharing a link that allegedly included criticisms of the trans community on a social media page.

After 512 signatures were validated, Enney was removed from the school board and the special election was scheduled at an estimated cost of $493,000 to the school district.

Angry over the money spent on the election, more than a dozen voters wrote nasty comments about the special election on the ballots they returned, while voting for neither candidate.

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Perhaps Ms. Alvord and the other 512 signers of the petition should divide the cost of the special election. I learned math in school and came up with $961.02 each. That money should have been spent on the students of the school district. If those signers and Ms. Alvord really have students best interest in mind, then they need to realize they owe that money to the students.

Enney’s mindset is not a good match for the job he is elected for. He seems to have little respect for public education and good teachers at a time when teachers and public education and a diverse group of students needs more support than ever. I predict he will not like the job, the job will not like him, and he will not last more than a few years at the most and he will be angry and frustrated along the way.

Well, congratulations. I will take the man at his word and look forward to rising district test scores in the near future. I hope he immediately moves to bring smaller class sizes in both junior high and freshman math and English classes. Giving teachers about 20 students in these core subjects has worked well in other places.

My feeling, however, is that this guy simply wants to wage culture wars. I hope not. I’ll be checking those test scores in four years, Mr. Enney. Good luck!

The “culture war” started long ago by others such as Alvord and the union. Mr. Enney decided to draw the line in the sand and take war back at them. They can’t handle the fight back. You’re right. Good luck to him and all the others who want to get back to education and accountability, instead of indoctrination and irresponsibility.