Enney wins Paso Robles school board election

April 21, 2023

Kenneth E. Enney Jr.


Leading by more than 1,000 votes, Kenney Enney has won a seat on the Paso Robles Joint Unified School District Board, according to election results released Friday afternoon.

“I am looking forward to getting back on the board, and to turn the district around with a focus on academic performance,” Enney said.

Enney received 6,524 votes, or 54.42%, while Hollander pulled in 5,464 votes, or 45.57%. There are still 96 ballots with questionable signatures and ballots received through Monday to be counted.

After Enney was appointed to the school district board in Oct. 2022, he discovered a school online page for LBGTQ students which included a link to a chatroom where adults discussed sex. He asked the district to take down the link and then asked law enforcement to investigate.

Shortly afterwards, Carey Alvord, who works in the office that provided the questionable link, organized a petition drive to oust Enney from the board after voicing concerns over divisiveness in the district. Several signers of the petition condemned Enney on social media for sharing a link that allegedly included criticisms of the trans community on a social media page.

After 512 signatures were validated, Enney was removed from the school board and the special election was scheduled at an estimated cost of $493,000 to the school district.

Angry over the money spent on the election, more than a dozen voters wrote nasty comments about the special election on the ballots they returned, while voting for neither candidate.

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The Clerk Recorder’s office said it could take 27 days. After 10,000 of 12,000 ballots were counted on the 18th they called a three day halt. What to do, what to do? No answer, Bruce Gibson probably stayed up all night, they had to call the election for Enney, all other avenues exhausted. Anytime an open seat on a school board is appointed I can, and will, do a 1.5% recall, maybe a day or two in front of the supermarket…and cost the kids $500.000 just because I can.

Thank you for pointing out the insanity of this, the incompetence that followed with Cano, AGAIN, not to mention the unfortunate and costly precedent Alvord and the union set.

Finally some good news!

Glad this is over. And for the 493k in estimated cost what was the actual cost? Did the county hire more people or just reassign already budgeted costs to this? Detail please

I think Stewart Jenkins addressed this in his campaign for Clerk Recorder. He lost to Cano. You will get no details.

The next time teachers complain about lack of school supplies in the classroom, or go on strike for higher wages…

…remember how the school board spent hundreds of thousands of dollars that will never be used to actually teach.

School districts and school boards still seem weird and like an obvious duplication of government layers and a waste of tax dollars. We don’t have separate Public Works, or Parks districts and boards – we’ve created a whole new government to do what should be a County or City department that has local committees and subcommittees, but it ultimately responsible to the Board of Supervisors – just like everything else.

Apparantly, the voters were able to see how Hollander’s campaign was tainted by a ton of union money. In addition, the voters were also able to see how her campaign literature was tainted with a lot of feel-good fraud and deceit.

$493,000 later, with control of the board not in question, and an election next year where you could unseat him. Tells you where the teacher’s union and Jim Brescia feels money should be spent, wasteful woke extremism to make a point.

What a glorious way to start a beautiful weekend. I ask the question again. Carey Alvord, what are you and the corrupt teacher’s union going to do now? Are you going to deny democracy? Are you going to march in protest, interrupt school board meetings? Spread more misinformation and slanderous accusations against Mr. Kenney?

How about this. Go back to doing your job in the district as you should and let Mr. Enney do the job that the good people of Paso Robles elected in a landslide victory, do his. The students and the district deserve that. I hope there is some way that money that was wasted on the strong-arm attempt to increase control of the students and parents by the union and you, can be recouped and put towards the needs of the students and classroom education. In all honesty, you should lead that attempt. It’s the least you and the union can do after the divisive actions, against the students, parents, and community.

Very nice job Mr. Enney. Thanks for standing up for your character, integrity, honesty and principles. Now go do what’s best for all the students.

Thank you for standing up for our children, Kenney.

….at least for straight ones anyhow.

You’re so wrong. He represents all students.