Paso Robles firefighters rescue ducklings from storm drain

April 14, 2023


Paso Robles public safety personnel rescued ducklings from a storm drain this week after a walk with their mother took a turn for the worse.

A little duckling fell through the grate of a storm drain, the Paso Robles Police Department stated in a social media post. A firefighter then jumped into the storm drain and started collecting ducklings in a bucket. 

One duckling shied away and went deeper into the drain. The mother duck stayed nearby. 

Shortly afterwards, a police sergeant arrived and mimicked the quacks of the mother duck. The duckling came running toward the opening and then into the hands of a firefighter.

The mother and her 12 ducklings reunited. They were last seen heading for Deeds Bar & Grill.


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Thanks for this happy ending story Josh. Dang cute picture also. Baby ducklings are a hoot.

Thank you CCN for that story!

Now that’s a great story. That’s awesome!