Zach Zimmerman appointed to Grover Beach City Council

April 26, 2023

Zach Zimmerman


The Grover Beach City Council on Monday appointed yoga studio owner Zach Zimmerman to fill a vacancy created by former councilwoman Anna Miller, who resigned her seat last month because of a change of residence.

Miller, then mayor pro tem, announced her resignation during a council meeting on March 13. She was elected in Nov. 2020, and her term was set to expire in Dec. 2024.

During its March 27 meeting, the Grover Beach council decided to fill Miller’s seat by appointment, rather than holding a special election. The council allowed all Grover Beach residents to apply to fill the vacant seat, but chose to specifically encourage applicants who reside in the newly formed District 3.

The council interviewed five candidates and then collectively decided to appoint Zimmerman. Council members selected Zimmerman because of his community and civic background, the city says.

Along with his partner, Zimmerman co-owns Grover Beach yoga studio Empower Yoga. He also works as a winemaker at Clairborne & Churchill Winery in Edna Valley. Likewise, Zimmerman is a host and station ambassador for KYXZ’s “Excellent Radio” in Grover Beach.

Zimmerman has served on the Grover Beach Parks, Recreation and Beautification Commission since February. He also serves on the advisory board of the Grover Beach Community Foundation and has worked as the events and outreach coordinator at Cal Poly. 

“My goal as a member of the Grover Beach City Council is to better understand the needs and concerns of our community and serve my fellow residents to the best of my ability,” Zimmerman said in a statement. “I am committed to actively listening to the voices of residents and working collaboratively with my colleagues to promote the most sustainable and equitable interests of our constituents.”

Mayor Karen Bright also issued a statement saying the council members are excited for Zimmerman to join them.

“We are excited to have Mr. Zimmerman join the Grover Beach City Council as our newest member. With his experience as a community leader, combined with his background in event coordination and community outreach, we believe he will bring significant value to our efforts in improving the quality of life for our residents,” Bright said. “We are confident he will help elevate the council’s efforts to enhance our community’s economic, social and cultural well-being.”

Zimmerman’s District 3 council seat will be up for election in 2024. 

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A 3-year resident of Grover Beach ends up on the city council? Fine, but the larger issue in the Grover swamp is the on going circular appointments on that council. There must have been 4 council members appointed, note elected.

So, don’t run for office if you don’t intend to serve the full term. The people should decide, not the council.

I can see ZZ top choice for Karen.

I’ll reply to myself because this reads too silly today. I do not know Zack and congrats for his participating in the public process. Yes I do like ZZ tops music but not ZigZag smokes or smokes of any kind so now I eat a healthy meal for breakfast and type with better food / words.