Hiker airlifted off Bishop Peak in SLO

May 3, 2023


A helicopter airlifted a hiker off Bishop Peak in San Luis Obispo on Wednesday afternoon.

The hiker became stuck in rocks on top of the Bishop Peak Trail at about 1 p.m., according to Cal Fire. Rescue crews and firefighters hiked up the mountain to locate the person.

Medical personnel assessed the hiker, and a Santa Barbara County helicopter airlifted the person to a hospital. It is unclear what, if any, injuries the hiker suffered.

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One thing I wonder about these helicopter rescues, which are a regular thing, is who pays for them? I’ll bet it’s we the taxpayers and not the careless “victims.” Can CCN look into this for us?

Decades before private property was stolen and the trails were gashed and slashed into the side of the mountain, we local kids climbed it regularly. Heck, we even camped overnight, or the weekend, up there in the caves. We knew where the springs were for water, and George’s Market was about a 2 hour round trip hike for more chocolate bars. But, I cannot recall anyone requiring professional help to get down.

I suppose it was, that we knew to be careful, as there was no real trail, and no easy way to get down if you got hurt, and no way to quickly call for help if you do get hurt. Same with Cerro San Luis, which was a more difficult climb (although, we didn’t camp on San Luis, since Alex might hunt you down :) )

STAY ON THE TRAILS and this won’t happen. The simplest of instructions… hope they get a bill for it.