Paso Robles High School student threatens to shoot up school

May 30, 2023


Officers arrested a Paso Robles High School student on Tuesday who allegedly threatened to “shoot up” the school in a message written in a school bathroom.

During a routine bathroom check, a school staffer discovered a message written in marker on the inside of a stall in the boy’s bathroom. The message, which included hate speech, threatened a school shooting on May 31.

Working with school safety staff, Paso Robles Police officers identified 18-year-old Levi Harrington as a suspect in the school shooting threat.

Officers arrested Harrington and booked him in the San Luis Obispo County Jail on charges of making criminal threats and a hate crime. He is no longer in custody.

Through the investigation, officers determined there is no imminent or ongoing threat to the school, students, or faculty.

Investigators are asking anyone with any information about this incident to call (805) 237-6464.

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This kid grew up in a culture where he and others frequently play video games where to succeed you must kill people with virtual firearms. We live and die in a gun culture.

This kid has a problem and should be prosecuted to the max. You can’t say he’s only a kid so we will go easy on him then a few yrs later he’s on the news doing a mass shooting stop it now

At 18 years old, Levi could legally buy a gun in many states.

I just looked on inmate locator he is in custody and bail is $50 k. Does anybody know what exactly was the threat? I am considering keeping my kids home tomorrow. Why would a senior about to graduate make a threat like this and if he wrote it today why would he write May 31 instead of “tomorrow”? Or did he actually write tomorrow? The school communication does not even mention that there was a shooting threat!

At 18 years old, I’m going to assume this dummkopf is a high school senior. He found a pretty imbecilic way to screw up his graduation. It’s good to learn that school staff are vigilant and observant.