Paul Flores appealing murder conviction, gets new attorney

May 18, 2023

Kristin Smart


Paul Flores, the former Cal Poly San Luis Obispo student who was convicted in the murder of Kristin Smart, is appealing his case to the California Court of Appeal with a new attorney.

Flores’s former attorney, Robert Sanger, filed a notice of appeal in April in the Sixth Appellate District, which oversees Monterey County. The state then appointed attorney Solomon Wollack to represent Flores.

On May 3, the California Office of the Attorney General filed a motion to move the case to the Second Appellate District, which oversees San Luis Obispo County.

Flores’ attorney quickly filed an opposition to the move.

After a Monterey County jury found Flores guilty of murdering Smart in 2022, Judge Jennifer O’Keefe sentenced Flores  to to 25 years to life in prison.

“Mr. Flores, you have been a cancer to society,” Judge O’Keefe said. “This predatory behavior has spanned your adult life.”

Paul Flores

Paul Flores murdered Kristin Smart during an attempted rape in 1996 following a Cal Poly frat party. After the party, Flores helped escort Smart, who was found passed out on a lawn outside the party, back to her dorm room. She was never seen again.

Paul Flores, the primary suspect in the case, was sporting a black eye when interviewed by law enforcement, who determined he lied repeatedly. Even so, it would be years before Flores faced charges.

Flores is currently serving his sentence at North Kern State Prison.