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Paul Flores’ assailant murdered previous cellmate, the I-5 Strangler

By KAREN VELIE Jason Budrow,  a prisoner who killed a former cellmate, allegedly attempted to kill Paul Flores in late August at Pleasant Valley State Prison. Flores is serving a 25 to life sentence for the 1996 murder of Kristin... (Continue reading)

Paul Flores attends first court visit since brutal attack

By KAREN VELIE Paul Flores, the man convicted of murdering a Cal Poly coed, was in court on Thursday for the first time since an inmate stabbed him in the neck last month. There were no visible injuries on the... (Continue reading)

Paul Flores assaulted first day in general population at prison

By KAREN VELIE Paul Flores, the man convicted of killing Cal Poly San Luis Obispo coed Kristin Smart,was stabbed in the neck during his first day in the general population at Pleasant Valley State Prison. After less than a week... (Continue reading)

Paul Flores moved to prison in Fresno County

By JOSH FRIEDMAN Corrections officials have transferred convicted Kristin Smart killer Paul Flores from a prison in Kern County to another Central Valley facility, Pleasant Valley State Prison in Coalinga.  Following his April 2021 arrest for Smart’s murder, Flores spent... (Continue reading)

Mesick steps in as Paul Flores’ attorney

By KAREN VELIE San Luis Obispo based attorney Harold Mesick is planning to represent Paul Flores during an upcoming restitution hearing, contingent on the man convicted of murdering a Cal Poly coed agreeing to waive a conflict of interest. In... (Continue reading)

Paul Flores appealing murder conviction, gets new attorney

By KAREN VELIE Paul Flores, the former Cal Poly San Luis Obispo student who was convicted in the murder of Kristin Smart, is appealing his case to the California Court of Appeal with a new attorney. Flores’s former attorney, Robert... (Continue reading)

Probation department deems Paul Flores medium risk for reoffending

Prior to Paul Flores’s sentencing last month for the 1996 murder of Kristin Smart, the San Luis Obispo County Probation Department deemed the convicted killer a medium risk for reoffending. [KSBY] The probation department prepared a pre-sentencing report that found,... (Continue reading)

Paul Flores moved to prison in Kern County

By JOSH FRIEDMAN Authorities transferred Paul Flores on Thursday from custody in San Luis Obispo County to a state prison in Kern County, where prison staff will determine where he will serve his sentence of 25 years to life for... (Continue reading)

Prosecutors accuse Paul Fores’ attorney of sanctionable offenses

By KAREN VELIE The San Luis Obispo County District Attorney’s Office accuses the lawyer representing a man found guilty last year of murdering Kristin Smart of sanctionable offenses, according to an opposition filed March 3. A Monterey County jury found... (Continue reading)

Paul Flores seeking new trial, judge to rule at sentencing hearing

By JOSH FRIEDMAN Paul Flores’s attorney will likely file a motion for a new trial in the Kristin Smart murder case prior to a hearing next month in which a judge could sentence Flores to life in prison. [Tribune] During... (Continue reading)