Rainfall totals are way above average in SLO County

June 8, 2023

Santa Margarita Lake


The unusual onslaught of moisture-laden storms has left San Luis Obispo County with some of the highest precipitation totals in decades along with healthy aquifer levels.

Climate scientists track rain from July 1 through June 31.

Rainfall totals from July 1 through June 8, along with average yearly rainfall:

Arroyo Grande – 33.89 inches to date – average 14.09 inches

Atascadero – 28.91 inches to date – average 12.06 inches

Lopez Dam – 48.33 inches to date – average 18.48 inches

Los Osos – 34.72 inches to date – average 15.77 inches

Nipomo – 38.71 inches to date – average 12.62 inches

Oceano – 27.80 inches to date – average 12.26 inches

Paso Robles – 28.86 inches to date – average 14.08 inches

Rocky Butte – 96.32 inches to date – average 34.75 inches

San Luis Obispo – 39.22 inches to date – average 16.82 inches

San Simeon – 35.17 inches to date – average 15.12 inches

Santa Margarita – 47.96 inches to date – average 16.96 inches

Shandon – 19.92 inches to date – average 8.44 inches

Templeton – 35.57 inches to date – average 13.05 inches

In Nov. 2022, most of California was in moderate to extreme drought, according to the U.S. Drought Monitor. But after pummeling rains, only 4.6% of the state is currently classified in moderate drought.

Current Central Coast and major state reservoir levels:

  • Santa Margarita Lake at 100.2%, SLO County
  • Lake Nacimiento at 93%, SLO and Monterey counties
  • Lopez Lake at 100.1%, SLO County
  • Whale Rock Reservoir at 100%, SLO County
  • Cachuma Lake at 100%, Santa Barbara County
  • Twitchell Reservoir 53%, Santa Barbara County
  • Gibraltar Reservoir 101%, Santa Barbara County
  • Jameson Reservoir 100%, Santa Barbara County
  • San Antonio Lake at 69%, Monterey County
  • Oroville Dam 100%, Butte County
  • Trinity Lake at 39%, Trinity County
  • Don Pedro Reservoir at 80%, Mariposa County
  • Shasta Dam at 98%, Shasta County
  • San Luis Reservoir at 99%, Merced County

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I hope our Government didn’t pay a firm to do a study on this could of phoned anybody and got same answer for free

Mullyman, do you have something to say that isn’t this anti-gov’t thing? Seems to be a constant thread in your head.

It seems, Mr. Mullyman is concerned about wasteful spending of tax dollars, as we all should be.

Mazin I’m not anti- government I’m anti not governing for the people and not wasting the taxpayers money on their pet projects.We are Trillions in debt keep giving money we don’t have to other countries who hate us and treat hem better than the people here. I ask you do you like the current government and how things are going. I respect your view even if I may not agree with them