Teen shot at mall in Santa Maria

June 2, 2023


A gunman shot and wounded a teenager in the parking structure of the Town Center East Mall in Santa Maria Thursday evening. [KSBY]

Responders transported the male juvenile victim to the hospital following the shooting, which occurred at about 6 p.m. The teen is in stable condition.

It is unclear if police have identified a suspect or suspects in the shooting. An investigation is ongoing. 

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This reminds me of a question that a neighbor asked me when we decided to move up to Nipomo 21 years ago. She said, “But, is there a Mall?” Like that was the one prerequisite of life. I, of course, said yes, but the truth is that I rarely use it and over the years I have become more and more an online shopper. Now with this great news do I really want to become a Mall shopper again? No thanks!

Do NOT let what has happened in Santa Maria happen in SLO. Santa Maria leaders like Alice Patino, Steve Lavignino and Bob Nelson have surrendered the town to illegal aliens and gangsters, and now SM is a dangerous, violent place to live.

These SM leaders cater to their Big Ag masters, and now Santa Maria has been overrun with crime, gangs, drugs, violence, etc.

You have been warned!

You cannot blame city council members for a state/national problem. OK, Einstein, exactly what would you direct them to do?

Overturn the sanctuary city policies. Restore the gang crime units. Prosecute criminals and sentence them to the fullest extent of the law.

Sure, enablers and apologists for societal decay always fall back on transferring blame. At what point do good people step forward and defend civilization?

Here are some things city leaders can try: 1. Adopt zero tolerance policies for gangs and crime. 2. Adopt the broken windows style of Law Enforcement. 3. Stop and frisk for illegal weapons possession. 4. Same for illicit drugs. 5. Act pre-emptively & decisively to shut down sex & labor slavery (human trafficking) 6. Detain and transport International Criminal Trespassers to sanctuary cities or back to the southern border. 7. To the extent possible, facilitate/promote educational success and English proficiency for all students in public & private schools, especially ESL kids. 8. Identify, support and mentor those outstanding individuals in the legal immigrant community in order to promote their collective leadership, involvement, integration, success, and assimilation into the local community as well as the whole of the greater American society.

Just spit-balling some ideas here, what would you suggest, Einstein?

Many years ago (30+) the then long-time Mayor of Santa Maria very succinctly stated Santa Maria’s problem clearly. In an era pre-dating today’s cancel culture, he was roundly excoriated for what he said and was forced out of office. Fast forward to 2023, we see that his analysis, while blunt and unartful, had a ring of truth to it.

George Hobbs?


Yes, he said Santa Maria had a “Mexican problem”, Santa Maria being 80% Mexican at the time. I don’t see Hobbs’ fat ass out in the fields, nor Joe Blow or Florian75. Do you like to eat? Looks like it to me.