California sea otter snatching surfboards, evading capture

July 20, 2023

A baby sea otter


An aggressive, surfboard-snatching sea otter swimming off the coast of Santa Cruz is posing problems for California officials, while avoiding captivity and simultaneously capturing the national spotlight. [Surfer]

Over the past few weeks, the otter dubbed “841” has been seen at Cowells Beach in Santa Cruz, commandeering surfboards, acting aggressively toward surfers and gnawing on surfboards. Last week, California Fish and Wildlife personnel attempted to capture the otter to bring it to the Monterey Bay Aquarium. 

Both Fish and wildlife and aquarium officials say 841 should be moved to the aquarium for an assessment. They then plan to relocate the otter to an aquarium or zoo. 

Thus far, though, officials have failed to capture 841. Observers say the otter has great ability to evade capture. 

Video footage and photos posted on social media show 841 snatching surfboards and taking them for rides, garnering attention and fandom. Community members are divided on whether or not the otter should be taken out of the wild. 

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First the Orcas turn on humans, now Sea Otters? This is a bad trend. Animals teaming up together and trying to overthrow humanity after getting sick and tired of us would make a great movie. Every species uses their special skills to take on the humans- swarms of bees, and birds being the most obvious.. the birds destroy the power grid, other animals do other stuff.

The movie ends where there are only a few humans remaining, they are put in zoos that mimmick human living conditions- a living room with a TV. The room has a one sided glass window that intermittently gets tapped on.

Hey at least there will be affordable housing and less traffic; maybe we give our otter overlords (Otterlords!) a chance.

“Planet of the Sea Otters”. Blockbuster movie

Leave him alone. Surfers can go elsewhere.