Grover Beach police searching for wallet thieves

July 20, 2023


The Grover Beach Police Department is asking the public for help identifying two men who allegedly stole a woman’s wallet inside of Vons on Thursday afternoon.

Surveillance footage from the Grover Beach grocery store shows one man distracted the woman, while the other stole her wallet from her purse, according to the police department. Police are circulating surveillance images of the suspects.

Officials ask that anyone who can identify the suspects call Community Service Technician Kameron Day at (805) 473-4511 or Crime Stoppers at (805) 549-STOP.

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Good gig. Non-violent misdemeanor, therefore not a day in jail no matter how many times you do it. Anyone want to team up with me? I was going to make same extra cash with Uber and DoorDash, but this is a lot less work.

Heck yeah! I’ll join you on that gold train. But…uh oh! Now that we’re working together on this moneymaking operation, we’re now guilty of conspiracy. Oh wait…that’s just another petty misdemeanor. We’re good!

It’s time to change that Prop 47 back.

Also, I think we need better job training and other options for prisoners in prison and jail in general. We don’t want to be creating monster by putting people in jail and prison (the experience is surely hard enough already) but this would be a great time to rehabilitate people more and improve them instead of breaking them down.

The State also should reduce many non-violent sentences to accomodate more people for a shorter time, like this “petty theft” happening more and more that now gets overlooked.

Have these shoplifter/ credit card thief people spend at least 3 weeks in jail- not only is a good “short” period of time (but long enough) they will also sober up on the inside for long enough from possible drug addiction that they might make a change in their life if that is one of the main things driving them to steal in the first place.

In my experience, if you want a job you get a job, rarely a problem. Maybe you have to take a job that’s not ideal but if things work out your employer may find it in their best interest to accommodate your requirements for compensation, if not, look for another job. It’s worked for me.