Fire destroys structures, vehicles and memorabilia in Templeton

July 7, 2023

Model T, photo by Richard Bastian


A fire in Templeton on Thursday destroyed a barn, garage, three outbuilding and multiple vehicles including a Model T.

Shortly before noon, Frank Pfizer and a friend were sitting outside when they noticed smoke coming from a wall in the garage. The men tried to put out the blaze using a hose and a 10,000 gallon water tank, but the tank ran dry.

Photo by Richard Bastian

After saving three of five motorcycles in the garage, the men noticed fire coming off a hose from a welding acetylene tank. While attempting to move the hose, Pfizer’s friend knocked over the welding tank, which shot flames onto the wall and his leg.

Pfizer than called 911 and reported the fire at 1160 Pina Selva Place. Firefighters extinguished the blaze in about 45 minutes. Pfizer and his friend were treated for smoke inhalation and burns at the scene.

Fire did not damage the family home, photo by Richard Bastian

The property owner and Pfizer’s mother, Lynda Young, said her family had moved to the area from Colorado in 1930 driving a 1929 Model A Ford, which along with a 1947 tractor was destroyed by the fire.

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There is a reason we are always told, first thing to do is call 911, then if possible give assistance and if that doesn’t work at least emergency personal are already on their way.