Paso Robles man killed while allegedly fleeing a crash in Modesto

July 7, 2023


A car crashed into and killed a 27-year-old Paso Robles man who was allegedly attempting to flee the scene of an accident on Highway 99 in Modesto on Thursday evening.

Shortly before midnight, Christopher Graham was headed southbound on Highway 99 when he made an unsafe lane change and crashed into a Volvo driving in the slow lane. The impact propelled the Volvo off the highway, through a cyclone fence and onto  a set of railroad tracks. The 60-year-old driver suffered minor injuries.

Graham did not stop, but continued southbound for about a half a mile until his car broke down. He then got out of his car and attempted to get motorists to stop for him.

Graham waved his arms and threw rocks at passing vehicles. He then walked into the path of a Chevrolet pickup. He died at the scene.

CHP officers are investigating the incident.

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And the Darwin award goes toooo………