Guadalupe man accused of a murder when he was 16 years old

July 14, 2023

Israel De La Cruz Hernandez


Santa Maria police arrested a 21-year-old Guadalupe man on Thursday for the murder of an 18-year-old in 2018.

In 2018, De La Cruz allegedly shot Adrian Zamora Alvarez near the intersection of Enos Drive and Thornburg Street. Investigators deemed the shooting to be gang related.

Detectives arrested Israel De La Cruz Hernandez on a murder charge with a gang enhancement. He remains in jail with his bail set at $2 million bail.

Investigators are asking anyone with information about this case to contact Detective Cazares at (805) 928-3781 ext. 1319 or the Communications Center at (805) 928-3781 ext. 2277.

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More gang violence from the gang capitol of the Central Coast.

As Santa Maria spirals out-of-control, citizens should understand that these murders are not just random acts of violence, but, rather, a concerted effort on the part of criminal street gangs to take over the community. Unfortunately, local Santa Maria politicians like SB County Supervisor Steve Lavignino and Mayor Alice Patino have turned a blind eye to the violence and carnage affecting Santa Maria.

As the violence continues, the voting public needs to hole the local politicians responsible for the violence and corruption. They promised if people supported the Proposition A sales tax incerease they would use the money to confron the gang problem. Guess what? After raising taxes, the politicians used the money for pay raises for themselves and top managers, and the violence continues unabated.

Let’s prosecute this gangster, Israel deLaCruz Hernandez, and corrupt politicians like Steve Lavignino, criminals are criminals.

Santa Maria farmers once employed a wide range of skill types and while Santa Maria has always had a certain amount of crime, it has gotten much worse in recent years because the majority of current workers are strawberry pickers, a very menial task which does not draw the best individuals.

While 99% of these folks are hard-working and law abiding, there is a criminal element that has seeped into the city. These gang-bangers mostly prey upon other undocumented workers (and SM’s farm owners employ plenty of them). These workers are loathe to report any type of crime in their neighborhoods because of immigration laws.

Meanwhile, the Republicans in the federal government continue to stonewall any attempt at comprehensive immigration reform. Most of the undocumented in Santa Maria, who pick our strawberries, broccoli, lettuce, etc., would love to become citizens and not have to worry about being deported. This sort of atmosphere would go a long way in decreasing the street crime which plagues SM.

Politicians such as Lavagnino and Patino are dealt a tough hand when it comes to controlling crime that is not their fault.