Morro Bay’s historic theater for sale

July 19, 2023

Photo by Glen O’Hagan


The iconic Bay Theatre is for sale with an asking price of $1.625 million. The Morro Bay landmark includes a 314 single-screen theater.

Originally built by the Army Corp of Engineers in 1942, the theater has been under the same ownership for the past 38 years. With a neon marquee and vaulted ceilings, the old fashion movie theater continues to draw crowds.

In addition to the theater, the property includes a one-bedroom apartment, a two-car garage and a possible office rental.

“Very well maintained and cared for, everything is in place to take advantage of multiple income streams, including the apartment, which can be used as a long-term or short-term vacation rental,” according to the property listing.

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If there was contiguous programs to view from 10 PM to 6 AM, this could be an opportunity for 314 night students. Nothing new, just a larger class room.

Ok, now all we have to worry about is all the operating expenses-labor (if you can find any), structure insurance, liability insurance, cost of the films, licenses, cleaning, utilities ………….

The apartment would pay the taxes and the sales would pay the interest on the cash investment, so who has 1.6 million for liability exposure and doesn’t need the money?

I think the people of the city of Morro Bay should buy it… it’s a citywide treasure and it would be a shame to see it close down….

Ah, yes. But, then again, the real problem isn’t a matter of ownership, is it? The real problem is the disgusting, disturbing and disgraceful Hollywood crap that passes for “movies” these days. You know- the crap that nobody has any intention of paying $15 (or whatever the Hell it is these days) to see. It’s a terrible shame, but it’s over- those good ‘ol days are over. Along with so many other such former features of Life, “going to the movies” is over. Instead, and unfortunately, Morro Bay is probably fated to have just another tatoo parlor/pot shop or something of similar panache in that building.

Then turn it into a stage review theater with a stage and lighting… the performing arts community is big here…

Why not just yell “You kids get off my lawn!”, while you are at it.

There are still plenty of movies worth seeing. Like Oppenheimer, just released this weekend.

S1.625 million?! Hey, at that price I wish I could buy two.

How much two car garbage does 1.2 million buy?

Well, it sounds like two cars worth garbage.