Paso Robles celebrates groundbreaking for low-income senior housing

July 19, 2023

Photo by Glen O’Hagan


Locals and public officials gathered at the groundbreaking ceremony for Paso Robles’ latest low-income senior housing project on July 18. The development, located near the Walmart shopping center on Niblick Road, is slated to open in 2024.

Dubbed River Walk Terrace, the 79-unit development will include 70 one-bedroom units and nine two-bedroom units.

The project is limited to seniors 55 or older with incomes ranging from 30 to 60% of the areas median income. Rents will vary based on annual income and apartment size.

Photo by Glen O’Hagan

For this development, Paso Robles partnered with the Affordable Housing Development Corporation and Paso Robles Housing Authority.

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Ah, stealing seniors Social Security while filling pockets of investors. Nice job Pasobama!

Can’t rent to own. Ie; slave to a slum lord. Why can’t we have low income housing where we build equity with rent vs this crap, then being abused and harassed by insane landlords with no rights to a space. Low income housing is a scheme for the rich, as is all rentals. Anyone who has spare property to rent off stolen land and makes a profit is pretty, un Christian. No equity in rent, just death. And mortgages on stolen land are nuts too. Where do the deeds originate in Slo county, and who stole what? The French, the English? I can tell you who lived here first and was enslaved by God loving psychos.

Too bad a contractor from Fresno built it, keep it local.

Must have wine and dined our locals to get the bid. Bids are always corrupt.

They may have required a PLA(project labor agreement) and no local company could meet the union requirement. Expect more outside companies if PLA’s become a requirement since 80%+ local companies don’t meet the requirement. Paulding wants PLA’s with all county projects, he needs to repay his union contributors.

Excellent! Good job Paso.