San Luis Obispo seeking applicants for third retail cannabis store

July 12, 2023


Amid what some are calling a bust in the cannabis market, San Luis Obispo is seeking applications for a third pot shop, cultivation facilities, manufacturing, testing and delivery services. The city will accept applications through Aug. 15.

The city is charging more than $5,000 for each application.

City staff plans to select the highest-ranking applications to receive the limited retail store and cultivation facility permits. All owners, principals, and property owners listed on all applications must pass background checks.

For those wanting to operate testing, manufacturing and delivery services, city staff will provide a permit to those who submit an application that scores an average of 70% or higher.

During the city’s previous pot shop application process, the city approved three pot shops, all of which were owned or partially funded by Helios Dayspring. After Dayspring plead guilty to bribery and tax evasion, the city pulled his permit for SLO Natural Healing Center, opening the third permit to new applicants.

California’s cannabis industry is in crisis, with pot shops unable to pay their taxes, in debt and closing their doors.

Last month, a Grover Beach cannabis shop that opened in 2018, 805 Beach Breaks, closed. It was the first pot shop in San Luis Obispo County and it’s the first to shut its doors.

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Since the end of WWII, the medical profession has warned that smoking is very bad for you. The high rates of cancer and lung disease specifically attributed to smoking bears this out. Smoking has been banned indoors in all blue states and cities, and many purple states and cities. Heck, even SLO banned smoking in public!

Yet, smoking a mind altering drug, is somehow love and tender caresses and so very good for you and encouraged by the “new” medical profession.

Well, suck my voluminous second hand cigar smoke. I give up on trying to decipher any of this as logical.

They should qualify applicants and hold a lottery. They won’t, it will be who hired the planning consultant with the closest ties to city staff and elected officials. Probably still Helios.

For the betterment of the community as a whole, we should make sure our community has more cannabis dispensaries than liquor stores. Everyone knows that our community would be much safer and more mellow if people switched from liquor to cannabis.

In this industry the first rip is the application. Those who prevail can get paid by those who want to get ripped. in the end everyone gets ripped, the taxpayer who will inherit consequences to the paranoid addicts who will need someone to vote their best interest.

If there is one industry where I don’t mind ludicrous government regulation, it’s cannabis.

It’s a lucrative business, if you can get it off the ground. However it’s an immature market; legalization wasn’t too long ago, and explicitly people with experience in pre-legal cannabis aren’t allowed in. It’ll be still some decades before things stabilize.