SLO coach allegedly pursued underage student, left on the job

July 11, 2023

Jeff Brandow


San Luis Obispo High School officials learned last October that their head basketball coach, who also taught history, allegedly sent inappropriate texts to an underage student and commented to her about breasts and buttocks during class, but waited until March to place him on leave.

This action permitted 39-year-old Jeff Brandow to remain coach of the varsity basketball team, which he guided to the league championship. The league then named him Coach of the Year.

Over the past five years, Brandow has allegedly harassed multiple females including underage students, coaches, his students’ mothers, sports reporters and community members, multiple sources said.

In 2018, Matt Cross opened The Broad Street Public House, a popular neighborhood pub that replaced an existing bar Brandow frequented. After Brandow slapped a bartender’s buttocks while attempting to get her to go to a massage parlor with him, Cross said he threw Brandow out of the pub.

Brandow eventually came back, began bragging about snorting cocaine and his sexual prowess while harassing both female customers and staff, Cross said. This time, Cross permanently barred him from the establishment and placed his picture behind the bar with a warning for new bartenders.

“He goes after women who are not interested in him,” Cross said. “I am so glad someone is finally exposing this sexual predator.”

Brandow, however, claims he was never banned from Cross’ establishment.

“I did not get banned,” Brandow said during a short interview Tuesday afternoon. “It was a complete misunderstanding.”

It was during that time that a KSBY sports reporter was granted a restraining order against Brandow, who she said was obsessed with her.

In a letter submitted to the court, Brandow offers the KSBY reporter $1,000 to talk to him, $10,000 to go on one to two dates and $20,000 for “all in.” Brandow included a $10,000 check he wrote from an account he shares with his wife.

Shortly afterwards, the reporter left SLO County, KSBY and journalism.

During the next few years as campus athletic director, Brandow allegedly made inappropriate advances at women he had power over. He allegedly told a female trainer hired to work with the basketball team she would not get her stipend unless she agreed to go on a date with him.

In addition, a former female coach who worked under Brandow said he repeatedly sent her inappropriate texts asking her to meet him at bars in the middle of the night and commenting on her looks. The married mother, who had students at the school, eventually lost her coaching position, she said.

In 2019, Brandow stepped down as athletic director and basketball coach. But he continued teaching history to high school students.

However, in Feb. 2020, with a 14-13 record and three games remaining, school administrators brought Brandow back as head varsity basketball coach to finish the season.

In Oct. 2022, a group of students attended a party where one underage student allegedly shared inappropriate texts Brandow had sent her, according to several sources. Shortly afterwards, SLO High School administrators learned of the texts and of comments Brandow made to the student in the classroom regarding “tits and ass.”

Brandow was placed on leave in March, after the end of basketball season. Regarding the multiple allegations of misconduct, Brandow said he and the KSBY reporter were “dear friends,” and that “the other allegations are untrue.”

If you have further information about Jeff Brandow or these incidents please contact reporter Karen Velie at (805) 234-1703.

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Jeff Brandow was in tight with SLOHS Principal, Leslie O’Connor, and the soccer coach, who was later promoted to the District Office; and Brandow also knew Superintendent Eric Prater fairly well because Prater’s sons played sports at SLOHS. I thought Brandow was an arrogant jerk from the first meeting about 8 years ago. He didn’t hide it. They all knew who he was – the administrators and even the students knew- but leadership kept him employed anyway.

Sounds eerily like Paul Flores.

Wouldn’t take no for an answer.

His reply, I was not kicked out of the bar!

And to this the superintendent decides he’s a keeper

San Luis Obispo County sure seems to go easy on school predators. Predators go where there are children. That’s no surprise. It’s shocking when the school district conspires to cover up for their fellow employees. This is a continuing repulsive betrayal of trust that needs to see a big shake up in this rancid so-called leadership. A slap on the wrist plea deal for convicted swim coach, Andre of Morro Bay. 120 days after he pleaded no contest for sex with a minor. He used his position. The Morro Bay embezzlement and personal profit auto shop scheme, that only saw positions shifted at Morro Bay high school. Every year there’s a new stain. The football coach for Morro Bay, who kept his job after using racial slurs, kept his job, until he threaten the life of another student, on another campus, that was caught on tape. Still, the school district waited a lengthy amount of time before making a decision. Those silly boys will be boys. Adorable! The big message to parents is arm your kids with knowledge. The school district focuses their energy on protecting themselves, clearly not the students. Where is Dan Dow?

And we pay for this kind of garbage to go on in our schools? Shame on the administrators and the district. They should all be fired.

Over 66% of your property taxes fund education. You can bet that these liabilities will result in more pot holes for your drive to work.