Elderly Templeton man dies in motorcycle crash

August 11, 2023


A 71-year-old Templeton man died in a motorcycle crash on Highway 41 between Shandon and Creston on Thursday. 

Joseph Haga was riding a 2020 Yamaha MT10 motorcycle southbound on Highway 41 at approximately 12:15 p.m. While traveling at an unknown speed, Haga began to negotiate a right turn in the roadway and then, for an unknown reason, drove off the west side of Highway 41, according to the CHP.

Haga lost control of his motorcycle and crashed into a barbed wire fence and fence posts. The collision ejected Haga from the bike. The Templeton man died at the scene of the crash.

Neither drugs, nor alcohol appear to have factored into the collision. An investigation into the crash is ongoing. 

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Well, let’s see now, kids. A 71 year old man driving a Yamaha 2020 MT10, a bike that is built for one thing; speed. And lots of it. And he attempts to negotiate a sweeping curve but his centrifugal force keeps him from maintaining the line he is trying to pull around the crown of the road. Hmmmmmm. Gee, kids, raise your hands if you think excess speed was the primary collision factor! Now, if Gramps had stuck to his 1975 Buick Skylark with a comfy little six cylinder engine, he could have had a nice drive in the country and been home sipping warm milk before bedtime. But, you bet with the devil and you forget that he’s got a direct line to Mr. Darwin!

Senior citizens should not be riding motorcycles. Their bodies are too frail for that.

My Honda dual use bike is great for my old back and core. Loosens it right up. I recommend electric bikes, trail motorcycles, dual use motorcycles to remain mobile and healthy.