Grover Beach police ask residents to toss inflammatory fliers

August 15, 2023


In response to finding fliers promoting the European race at homes in Grover Beach on Sunday morning, the police department is encouraging residents to throw the fliers away. The fliers provide a link to a website perceived by many as inflammatory and hateful.

“While these fliers fall within the bounds of free speech protected by the First Amendment and do not explicitly endorse hate or violence, their messaging stands in stark contrast to our community’s cherished principles of inclusivity, diversity and mutual respect,” the department said in the release.

During the past several years, people have placed similar fliers at homes in different communities throughout California. In addition, three to four men from Tulare County have received a lot of media attention as they travel through the state displaying banners promoting racial divide.

The public is divided on whether to call attention to the inflammatory behaviors or to ignore the group’s actions.

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No wonder I have heard the central coast referred to as the Alabama of California. Friend’s parents in AG still use “n****r” conversationally.

California never had a reckoning about race that the South had, and it shows.

Minorities can support minorities and expect support from white people. White cannot support other white people and must devote themselves to the success of the minorities. Got it. …..

“… The public is divided”?? Hey if you want to give whoever this is more of a spotlight , be sure and have as big a reaction as possible!

Even stupid , crappy speech is protected. If you want less of it……Ignore! When did we become so fragile that we get flustered and call the cops because of some nutty words . Be bigger than they are.

Totally agree. This form of free speech puts no one in danger. Right-wing extremist websites are a dime a dozen these days and investigating each one would be futile.

America has never had a shortage of idiots—poor southern whites who fought for rich plutocrats during the Civil War, extreme Democratic racists who sat in Wilson’s White House and cheered on a showing of D.W. Griffiths’ Birth of a Nation, bigots who opposed LBJ’s Civil Rights and Voting Rights bills, more bigots who doubted Obama’s birth certificate and those who ultimately voted for the charlatan Trump in 2016 and 20.

No shortage of idiots in this nation. Luckily, the arc of history bends toward justice and always will.

Um, LBJ was about as racist as one could be.

In recent years the Central Coast, like many places, has seen a disturbing rise in hate crimes. However, the rise here, when viewed through a per capita lens, has come at a greater rate than almost anywhere in the state. With that in mind, I don’t think you can say any kindling thrown into that fire doesn’t put people at risk.

If you look at the history of post-war neofascist movements, in nearly everyone of them one of the first chapters is the weaponization of free speech. It is a shield from behind which they stole the fires of division and hatred.

I commend the GBPD for the way they’ve handled this. They have not taken the right to speak from these racists. They’ve merely asked the public not to pass their hateful message along. I have a lot of criticism of police departments, but not here today.