Hidden camera filmed partially clothed women at San Luis Obispo gym

August 28, 2023


A San Luis Obispo woman wants community members to know she found a hidden camera on Aug. 23 in a bathroom at a local gym that caters to women.

During her third trip to the restroom on Wednesday, the 22-year-old pregnant woman discovered a GoPro camera concealed in a white towel placed in a mop bucket. As Maria Lerno examined the camera, she determined it was recording women as they used the restroom.

Maria Lerno then went to find Cole Corrigan, the owner of CCC Fitness. After she told him there was a hidden camera in the restroom, Corrigan walked into the bathroom and immediately knew where the camera was hidden, Maria Lerno said.

He took it back to his office and Maria Lerno called her husband Zach Lerno.

Zach Lerno then asked the gym owner to call law enforcement. However, Corrigan said he did not want law enforcement involved because it could negatively impact his business, Zach Lerno said.

“I told Cole, ‘I don’t care about the police, I just want the photos deleted,'” Maria Lerno said. “He said he did not have anything to do with the camera.”

Ignoring Corrigan’s request, Zach Lerno called the SLO Police Department. An officer then went to the gym, took the camera, interviewed Maria Lerno and opened an investigation.

Even so, Maria Lerno is concerned that other women and teens who use the gym are unaware of the hidden camera and the possibility that there may be videos of them disrobing.

Corrigan admitted there had been an issue with a hidden camera at his gym, before hanging up on a CalCoastNews reporter.

If you have further information about this or other filming incidents please contact reporter Karen Velie at (805) 234-1703.

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Not the owner’s first run in with the law either. Back in 2007, police found him walking around buck naked and high on drugs in Los Osos and he resisted arrest when they tried to detain him. From the Tribune article at the time:

Sheriff’s officials identify man found walking naked in Los Osos; he had surgery for broken jaw after allegedly resisting arrest

The man found walking naked in Los Osos on Saturday and appearing to be under the influence of illegal drugs has been identified as Cole Corrigan.

Although it is unclear whether he will face any drug-related charges, deputies said Sunday that he could face felony charges of obstruction.

Authorities are still trying to determine his age and hometown.

Corrigan, who appeared to be in his 20s, was walking in the area of Fifth Street and Santa Ysabel Avenue around 3 a.m. Saturday, sheriff’s officials said.

Deputies followed him to Seventh Street and El Moro Avenue, where he reportedly failed to cooperate.

They shot Corrigan with beanbag and PepperBall ammunition, sprayed him with pepper spray, struck him with batons and Tasered him, but he did not surrender, according to sheriff’s officials.

He was treated at Sierra Vista Regional Medical Center in San Luis Obispo and then at a hospital in Fresno where he underwent surgery on Sunday for a broken jaw, according to deputies.

Check out the owner’s instagram @cccfitness He obviously loves taking photos and videos of the ladies, that’s for sure! Note that most of the photos/videos are centered on the women’s chest or butt and not their face. This toilet cam development should come as a surprise to no one.

Smart consumers will take their business elsewhere.

Corrigan “immediately knew where the camera was hidden” even though the photo shows it hidden under a towel and not obviously visible. That’s a huge clue. I hope SLOPD is investigating and the facts come out.

The normal response from a business owner would be wanting to do everything to find out and prosecute the pervert responsible to deter future incidents. This owner being more concerned about the image of his business than catching this pervert to protect his customers and ensure they are safe really says it all about his priorities.

gym for sale…legal bills are expensive.

I am going to guess that the negative impact will be due to the gym owner knowing where the camera was and not wanting to make a report. Sounds suspicious to me!

It smells like Corrigan just maybe the owner of the camera thus why he didn’t want to make a police report. But….I could be wrong.

That is a pretty serious thing to be assuming about someone publicly like that. That is not right or moral to cast aspersions before you know more of the story. The police will get to the bottom of it. If they find that it is Corrigan’s camera, then have at him. Until then, recognize, he is just a business owner on whose premises something bad happened. Sorry Granny, you are acting like a troll.

Hi Cole, welcome to the CCN comment section.

I am just asking that you be fair. If the guy is a scumbag, the police will tell us so, as will a jury. Then we can pillory him with calumny. But damn, until then, we don’t know the story.

Why are you guys so quick to assume everyone is awful in some way?

Definitely an inside job. How many men have access to this lockerroom?