Morro Bay facing garbage rate increase, city will profit

August 12, 2023


The Morro Bay City Council voted Tuesday to move ahead with a 20.20% to 38.58% increase in garbage rates. City residents have already seen hikes in water, sewer, gas and electric bills.

Countywide, multiple garbage companies have requested rate increases because of new requirements to process food waste, higher gas prices and other increasing costs. Garbage companies are restricted to a 7% profit for their services.

In order to cover a nearly $1 million shortfall, Morro Bay Garbage Service is requesting an increase of 38.58% for the first nine months of the rate hike. The rate of increase will then drop to 20.20%.

City staff determined the cost to the city for its trash collection use would increase by $48,000 for fiscal year 2023-2024. However, as the city collects a 10% franchise fee, it would collect an extra $92,000 for fiscal year 2023-2024, showing an increased profit of $44,000.

City staff is required to notice residents at least 45 days before a City Council hearing on the proposal. Morro Bay rate payers will then have until Oct. 10 to send in written letters protesting the rate increase. If a majority of rate payers send in a protest, the increase will not go into effect.

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The only people that can get more money to cover costs are companies and Government the people don’t get a raise to compensate the price increases they are left holding the bag as usual and we still give other countries free money while people here suffer

Except the people here are not “suffering” the way people the people who get “free money” are suffering. Should we as the planets most developed nation just hoard the worlds wealth to ourselves? We already have the best of EVERYTHING… Talk about being spoiled :/

While this might seem like a lot; is it worth your time and gas money to have to drive to a dump with smelly garbage, yard trash, and whatever else once a week and have to pull your car up to the various bins to dump out your items yourself?

If they didn’t have a monopoly on trash service and squander revenue to bloated administration the market would provide the right cost to value ratio

It would sure be nice if the garbage company would replace all the busted broken filthy cans when needed….

Give us something for the price increase for crying out loud….

No one washes your car for you either and you payed way more for that. Responsibility for ones own things is literally the least you can do, for your own self. Grab a hose and a rag, maybe even a screwdriver; it won’t kill you.

Like I said… it would be nice if they took care of that… not that I can’t or won’t…