SLO County gas prices continue to rise, find the lowest prices

August 12, 2023

Gas prices


Amid an increase in demand at the punps and rising crude oil prices, the average price for a gallon of gas in San Luis Obispo County increased sis cents during the past week to $5.37, according to figures from AAA.

In California, the average price for a gallon of gas rose nine cents to $5.13 during the past week. Nationally, however, gas price remained stagnant at $3.84 a gallon.

SLO County currently has the seventh highest price for gas in the state. Listing the highest average price, Mono County’s price for a gallon of regular gasoline this week is $6.11.

Where in SLO County do you find the cheapest gas prices? Using data from GasBuddy, we’ve compiled a list of gas stations with cheaper prices.

Top 10 lowest priced gas stations in SLO County:

  1. Costco – San Luis Obispo, Froom Ranch Road: $4.79
  2. Conserv Fuel – San Luis Obispo, Santa Rosa Street: $4.79
  3. Fastrip Fuel & Wayside Liquors– Paso Robles, Creston Road: $4.83
  4. Stagecoach Liquor – Atascadero, El Camino Real: $4.87
  5. Arco – Paso Robles, Niblick Road: $4.87
  6. Arco – Atascadero, San Anselmo Road: $4.89
  7. Speedway – San Luis Obispo, 296 Santa Rosa Street: $4.89
  8. Valero – San Luis Obispo, Higuera Street: $4.95
  9. Sinclair – Arroyo Grande, Grand Avenue: $4.95
  10. Sinclair – Morro Bay, Morro Bay Boulevard: $4.97

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If you think gas prices are high just wait until they shut down the power plants and depend on solar and wind power.

If you close down the Nuc and coal plants of course renewables will gain ground You can produce all you wan but if the distribution system won’t handle it then what have you gained

That’s why we are upgrading the transmission lines to deal with renewables.

“California’s electric grid operator has approved a plan expected to cost $7.3 billion for 45 new transmission lines over the next decade to support development of clean energy.

The new lines will connect more than 40 gigawatts of new generation resources, the California Independent System Operator said.”

So is going to pay for these upgrades THE RATE PAYER !! The State and Government wants you driving EV’S and using electric appliances a lot sooner than they can put any new lines in. It will take them over a decade just to get the permits thru Ca approval process. Oh I may be wrong on that as the Dem run state will probably illiminate that under the save the planet emergency

So is going to pay for these upgrades THE RATE PAYER”

Yes, That is who uses the power, use it, pay for it.

Upgrading the lines without the users paying would be free stuff given away, like people complain about.

No making you happy, gov bad, people bad, wtf.

If the utility wants to upgrade on their own, they would present the project to the rate payers first, and explain the rise in monthly cost.

That’s not what is happening here.

The state is forcing the utility company to upgrade, since the state has mandated electric cars, appliances, solar grids, windmills, all without consulting, informing, or asking a single rate or tax payer if it’s okay to do so.

Yes. Bad gov. Bad.

present the project to the rate payers first

explain the rise in monthly cost.”

“all without consulting, informing, or asking ”

That’s right the PUC should call me up and ask for permission, that’s what! I should not have to keep track and post comments just like here ?


“The CPUC wants to hear from you! We encourage comments from the public on issues and proceedings to help us reach informed decisions. “

Estrella Substation and Paso Robles Area Reinforcement Project

Increased demand of our own production…. Saudi Arabia, our main supplier has increased cost by reducing their own production. Forget about Russian oil due to the war and associated politics. Our reserves were able to stymie the $7 gas of last summer but here it comes again and this time likely to stay and possibly go higher due to record low US reserves. Yet somehow public opinion is adamantly against both fracking and wind energy production… Determining our own destiny in the worst ways. Take me back to the 90’s!

San Luis Obispo is a great place to be a gasoline retailer. Compared to the population growth, the number of retail gasoline stations has been inadequate to maintain healthy competition. Many stations have closed, and regulations make opening new stations difficult. If it weren’t for Costco, prices would be even higher.