Officers arrest two juveniles for vandalizing Paso Robles High School

August 10, 2023

Paso Robles High School, photo by Glen O’Hagan


Police officers arrested two juveniles for smashing windows and damaging other property at Paso Robles High School early Thursday morning. 

Shortly after midnight, alarms sounded in multiple classrooms, alerting Paso Robles police to activity on the high school campus. Officers arrived at the high school and located a group of juveniles, who began running from one of the classrooms in which an alarm had activated, according to the Paso Robles Police Department. 

Officers detained two juveniles. One of the juveniles was in possession of a large hammer and a fire extinguisher. 

Upon investigating, officers discovered multiple classrooms with broken windows and damaged property scattered across the campus. Police estimate the damage to school property at approximately $30,000.

Authorities booked the two suspects into the San Luis Obispo County Juvenile Services Center on charges of burglary and vandalism. 

The investigation into the incident remains ongoing. Investigators request that anyone who has information about the vandalism call the Paso Robles Police Department at (805) 237-6464 or Crime Stoppers at (805) 805-549-STOP.

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Seems I recall a school prank in about 1970 that involved putting a toilet on top of the school’s amphitheater and another that resulted in a half dozen cattle led to an upstairs classroom hallway where they munched on hay and pooped to their hearts content. And we volunteered to clean up both messes. What these young clowns did was purely criminal vandalism. That they don’t know the difference, or more likely, that they don’t care, speaks volumes about the way they were raised. Send the $30K bill to their parents and no graduation until its paid. Place liens on Daddy’s boat and trailer and on Mommy’s Cabo time share. And make those two knucklehead boys spend the fall in juvenile hall, picking up garbage on our city streets during the day. if they do a good job and Mommy and Daddy pay off the damages, let them graduate a semester late but note in their transcripts that they got an “A” for Stupidity.

Young punks need to pay resititution out of their own pockets.

Hold the parents accountable too.

Shouldn’t there be a curfew enforced by their parents.