Officers investigate robber, workers following 7-Eleven beatdown

August 7, 2023


Police officers are investigating both an alleged robber and a pair of store employees who beat up the thief. The suspect is accused of attempting to rob a Stockton 7-Eleven two nights in a row.

Shocking video footage of the incident has spread over social media, sparking countless reactions. While many commenters applaud the 7-Eleven employees for defending themselves and their store, others argue the beating, particularly the repeated use of a broom handle, was excessive. 

On July 28 at 3:41 a.m., the suspect entered the store, went behind the counter and threatened to shoot an employee if he intervened. The suspect then took several packs of cigarettes and other items, placed them in a large garbage bag and fled the store, according to the Stockton Police Department.

Shortly after midnight the following day, the same suspect entered the business and demanded money while simulating he had a handgun. The employee did not comply, so the suspect began snatching cigarettes and other tobacco items off shelves while making movements suggesting he had a gun or was armed.

One employee then physically detains the suspect while the other worker beats him repeatedly with what appears to be a broom handle. Eventually, the thief pleads for an end to the beatdown, and following encouragement to do so by the videographer, the 7-Eleven workers let the man go. 

Before leaving the store, the suspect asks if he can take a soda.

Shortly after 3 a.m. on July 29, claiming he did not know if he had been assaulted, the suspect sought medical aid for pain in his leg and shoulder. Responders transported him to a local hospital.

Several days later, after reviewing video footage of the incident, police determined the injured man was the 7-Eleven robbery suspect.

The Stockton Police Department has combined the investigations into the suspected robberies and suspected assault. Upon completing its investigation, the police department will forward its findings to the San Joaquin County District Attorney’s Office.

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Finally store personnel with the balls to do the right thing!

These two guys deserve an award for not killing the crook.

My take is that the perf is lucky to be alive. Being beat with a stick is minor, the store employees should be rewarded for the action they took and the robber should spend a long time in prison.

Was that a military grade asult stick?

What’s funny is if they had just arrested him for any of the first 3 times he stole from that same store he wouldn’t have been there to get his ass beat.

The “social contract” has been that the the citizens will relinquish some of their freedoms and the government will ensure their lives & property. If the government can’t/won’t protect its citizens, they will do it themselves. This does not bode well as it expands to vigilantism, which is less careful on proof of guilt.

This case looks like straight-forward defense of their property (and livelihood). Prosecution of victims of crime is not confidence inspiring.

Please lets not again allow the criminal / perpetrator to be come the victim.

I see absolutely no problem with what happened to the criminal. He deserved what he got. He’s actually pretty lucky if you ask me. He wasn’t shot dead so that once he’s released with no bail, he’ll be free to go out and commit more crimes. And if he does continue his criminal behavior, it’s just a matter of time before his life of crime will come to a dead stop.

Betcha next weeks pay he doesn’t try to rob them again.