Cal Poly expanding enrollment, launching year-round track

September 20, 2023


Cal Poly plans to launch year-round operations as it expands enrollment.

Faced with high numbers of applicants and California State University (CSU) system growth requirements, Cal Poly will launch year-round operations as it expands admissions.

The year-round approach will allow certain students to take regular classes during the summer and to take time off during the fall, winter or spring quarters. The system will take effect in fall 2024, with up to 600 students having the opportunity to skip one of the three regular academic quarters and take summer classes instead.

University officials plan to gradually increase summer enrollment to prevent overcrowding of campus housing and classrooms as Cal Poly accepts more students.

Cal Poly’s current student body is 22,287, according to the university website. The university plans to expand student enrollment to 25,000 by 2035.

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Like ants, they are everywhere, except in the idiotic road consuming bike paraphernalia, which appears to be the only place for the homeless to nap.

So for you folks in SLO city who keep whining about rent and housing prices, why is it that you continue to vote for affluent white people who already own big beautiful homes of their own? Do you think for a minute that these people are going to approve widespread development of low-cost housing thus jeopardizing their own property values? The current elected officials that you keep re-electing get major campaign donations from developers because they know that under their rule housing prices will only continue to go up. You’ll never see housing demand met nor affordable housing deleoped if you keep electing those who “got theirs.”

The rental prices in SLO are already outrageous due to the high demand and low supply of housing. I’d love to know if Cal Poly is adding beds for each additional student.

I’ll let you know a few comments right from President Armstrong mouth. There is currently a focus on building more students housing. Clearly, student housing is not the best deal, which is why many students live off campus and also why Cal Poly mandates students be housed on campus for their first two years.

While student housing on campus is not the best deal, it’s a big money maker for campus and also why Cal Poly will always be trying to build more housing. In reality, anything Cal Poly does is now based on increasing revenue, including moving to year-round instruction.

It’s tough to attract qualified instructors to the SLO area. Why? According to President Armstrong, it’s because the price of housing is so expensive, which he attributes to students choosing to live off campus and driving up the price of local housing. Two easy solutions that the president is not interested in: 1) Lower the cost of student housing to attract students back to campus. 2) Raise the salaries of instructors.

With all the new homes on property once owned by Ernie Dalidio, development denied him but afforded to much more open minded developer and with the greater enrollment at Cal Poly, the sewer farm failures will certainly have consequences to be shared by all. My guess is that, a thank you very much, will be owed by all that benefited by this growth.