SLO police arrest felon with a gun, wearing body armor

September 19, 2023


A San Luis Obispo Police officer arrested a 42-year-old felon in possession of a loaded gun while wearing a bullet proof vest on Tuesday.

Shortly before 3 a.m., the officer was patrolling in the 1500 block of Madonna Road when he attempted to stop a person on a motorcycle for two vehicle code violations. However, the rider accelerated and rode into a nearby apartment complex.

The officer found the suspect, Bryan Dugan, running through the complex.

During a search of Dugan, officers discovered he was wearing body armor and had a fully loaded extended handgun magazine in his pocket that held 30 rounds. As they searched the apartment complex, officers found a loaded non-serialized Glock handgun in a landscape planter.

Officers booked Dugan, who has several prior violent felony convictions, in San Luis Obispo County Jail on charges of felon in possession of a loaded firearm, possession of ammunition, possession of body armor and resisting arrest. He is being held without bail.

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The Supreme Court will hopefully be overturning these unconstitutional “felon in possession” laws next session.

If you do your time after a felony conviction, it is morally and constitutionally wrong to restrict a citizen’s right to bear arms once freed. It’s no one’s business but his own why he’s carrying what he’s carrying; that’s the crux of the fourth amendment.

Persons advocating State involvement in these matters need to re-read the Bill of Rights.

Is it just me, or are there getting to be several firearm crimes a day in our county? I can remember when our current rate seemed more like the yearly average. Just sayin’…..

We have too many laws with no teeth to them and more and more DA’s that refuse to prosecute. How can we expect anything other than increased crime? Give a criminal an inch and they’ll more than likely take a mile. Just sayin’…

At least the SLO cops know exactly where they need to patrol. I’ve never seen them once on my or my parents street except for the rare call for service. No need. But they’re welcome. Give me a heads up, I’ll have coffee and doughnuts ready.

What does it take to get through to these violent felons?

Sounds like it’s time for some more strict gun laws, maybe that will do the trick! (Wink wink)

I’m betting on the recently passed 11% ‘fee’ on ammunition doing the trick.

“Being held without bail”

Sweet music to my ears. Now give him 30+ in the big house.

That’s exactly how a society that is serious about gun crime would respond to such cases. Unfortunately, American politicians talk tough about gun crime and reflexively pass more and more gun laws that criminals then ignore in between their short stints of incarceration.