California city considering letting illegal immigrants vote in local elections

September 20, 2023


The Santa Ana City Council is considering putting a measure on the ballot that would allow illegal immigrants to vote in municipal elections. [KTLA]

On Tuesday night, Santa Ana council members heard public comment on the matter and discussed the proposed initiative. The council did not take any formal action.

Nearly 25% of Santa Ana residents are not United States citizens. Santa Ana has been a sanctuary city for illegal immigrants since 2016.

Supporters of the proposed ballot measure argue the large noncitizen community in Santa Ana should have a say in city affairs since they often pay taxes and contribute to the economy. 

Opponents argue allowing illegal immigrants to vote would dilute the value of citizenship, and immigrants should complete the naturalization process in order to obtain the right to vote. 

States including Alabama, Arizona, Colorado, Florida, Minnesota, North Dakota and Ohio have banned noncitizens from voting. 

Previously, a judge struck down a San Francisco initiative approved by voters that allowed illegal immigrants to vote in school board elections. An appeals court recently reversed the judge’s decision, which prompted Santa Ana officials to bring the proposed measure before the city council.

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Why are they bothering with this? All Santa Ana politicians have to do is send them to the local DMV, have them “swear to God almighty” that they are citizens and register them to vote. BTW, this is why elections in most of California no longer make any sense.

Another election denier discrediter … no evidence, no proof, lawsuit after lawsuit loosing. Tell me, how much did One America News Network (OANN) pay to those Georgia election workers that they falsely accused??? How much will Rudi pay? How much did Fox News pay to Dominion (hint $800,000,000) How much will Fox News end up paying to Smartmatic?

Big Question: How long will the GOP loooooooooooooooooosers continue to whine?

We’re talking about Democrats, right?

I hated how Pres. Clinton would whine about “fair”. He used to drone on and on about this. Now, the GOP claims every election loss is rigged. “Illegals are voting, ballots are being stuffed, delivery vans full of ballots, flash drives falsified, computer systems rigged.” Claim after claim after claim. BUT! No proof, no evidence, court losing cases, nada, nothing. At his point, it is time for the GOP to shut up since they have failed to put.

There is plenty of proof. Is there proof of global warming? I can say there isn’t any, and you’re probably aghast. Right? Until we have common sense elections, there will be fraud. Zuckerberg didn’t “donate” 400 million Zuck bucks for nuttin’.

So, to shut us up here’s what we need: Paper ballots (as a solid backup for verification) No ballot boxes, ONE day for voting, voter ID for verification, no willy-nilly ballot mail-outs, only properly registered absentee voters and finally, get rid of “motor voter” with its attendant DMV abuse as touched on above. That would be a good start to restoring faith in elections. If you enjoy seeing crooks like Sen. Menendez deciding our future, let’s do nothing. If you are concerned let’s work together and fix this.

Sorry you came here illegally and feel we owe you the right to vote NOT !! Apply for citizen ship and then you may have earned the right. Unfortunately neither party is really willing to pass any type of immigration reform as they need the termoil to keep the hate boiling in everyone. Why does it takes to become a citizen? I’ve heard the illegals don’t even want to apply for citizenship as they are afraid of getting deported and they also get everything a citizen does and then some

There are too many people that don’t like rules and now we have local government looking for excuses to break rules too. This reasoning has legalized thievery to the extent that those that want can take up to just under $1000 worth and walk out the door. That is why many stores are closing.

Congress needs to implement bipartisan immigration reform, including strong borders. Immigrants and communities suffering from mass migration are being used for political gain.

We should let citizens of other countries vote in our elections?

I think that non-citizen, legal immigrants should be considered for local election franchise. It takes a long time to naturalize in the United States and taxpaying, law abiding immigrants should have a say in their kids school board and their city’s council. An New Zealander whose been living and working in SLO for 15 years is just as qualified as any U.S. citizen who just moved here from out of county. Illegal immigrants voting? No, not worth the loss in confidence.

Welcome aboard! Glad you are here.

WTF is the definition of illegal. States have to pass laws to ban illegals from voting? No country in the world allows illegal aliens to stay in the country, let alone allowing them to vote in public elections. Voting is the naturalized citizen’s greatest privilege.

This is moral insanity.

I know; I can’t believe they’d let Women Vote. Especially Christians or Catholics, the two biggest pedophilic cults.

Ahhh have you considered that Jesus was probably an illiterate, brown skinned, Semitic, day laborer, who likely spoke Aramaic?

Point is, Jesus is likely sympathetic to the “moral” plight of the illegal immigrant and suffering border communities.

BTW, Jesus was also likely poor, lowly of birth, and an unjustly executed convicted criminal. To those of faith, this is likely the messiah. Perhaps indicative of how we should approach immigration reform, as Jesus likely would, with intelligent aware compassion.

They have to change the constitution first… good luck with that… this is a trial balloon and will be successfully challenged….

Unfortunately, the US Constitution only covers voting on national items, not state or municipal proceedings. But…it’s a pretty good bet it is covered in the state Constitution.