Group of armed robbers hit pizza parlors in Arroyo Grande, Orcutt

September 24, 2023


Three people are in jail after they allegedly robbed Domino’s Pizza parlors in Arroyo Grande and Orcutt on Friday night.

Shortly after 9 p.m., two masked men entered the Domino’s Pizza on East Grand Avenue in Arroyo Grande though an open back door and held the employees at gun point. The suspects robbed the restaurant of an undisclosed amount of cash before fleeing the scene.

About an hour later, the suspects robbed a Domino’s Pizza parlor in Orcutt. Santa Barbara County Sheriff deputies located the suspect’s vehicle leaving the area and began  a vehicle pursuit.

The pursuit ended when the suspect’s vehicle crashed.

Deputies arrested 23-year-old Michael Angel Saucedo of Bakersfield, 27-year-old Mitchel Milton Sipe of Bakersfield, and 29-year-old Gloria Fernandez Lopez of Santa Maria on charges related to the Orcutt robbery. Arroyo Grande police are continuing their investigation.

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Life in prison. Making small rocks out of big rocks. Stop these vermin from reproducing and wreaking havoc in our communities.

Why did the Dominos Pizza in Arroyo Grande have an unlocked back door? For many good reasons, many resturants in Bakersfield have armed guards.

The gun charges will add years to their prison terms. Good. They deserve it.

Those poor pizza workers, making minimum wage, being held at gunpoint…they’ll never forget that. Very glad no one died.

Thank you S B County Sheriff deputies for catching these violent thugs.

This is California. The gun charges will be dropped during the plea bargaining, because liberal judges don’t care about bad guys with guns, only the law abiding.