Person airlifted off Bishop Peak in SLO

September 8, 2023


A helicopter airlifted an injured hiker off Bishop Peak in San Luis Obispo on Friday. 

Shortly after 10:15 a.m., a 911 caller reported a medical emergency on Bishop Peak. San Luis Obispo fire crews then arrived and located the patient on the mountain, according to the city’s fire department.

Fire personnel worked with a CHP helicopter crew to hoist the injured person off the mountain. The H-70 helicopter transported the patient down to a landing area. San Luis Ambulance then transported the individual to a local hospital.

It is unclear what happened to the hiker on Bishop Peak. Officials have not disclosed the current condition of the person.

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Was going down one day a few years ago when this scenario played out. Somebody had just started the switchbacks and broke a leg. Quite a show watching the helicopter circle, drop down the litter, then circle again before picking up the injured hiker. Takes about 20 minutes or so. Good thing I still had Clif bar to munch on.

Having grown up in SLO and living just below Bishop Peak, friends and I hiked up and down it 100’s of times without incident. Fact is, until the last 5 to 10 years, I can’t remember reading so many articles about folks who have had to be “rescued” off the peak.

Maybe they shouldn’t hike it?

You hike in you hike out.

Sure hope they got the person’s address and charge card number or health insurance info. SLO should never pay for this emergency support.

CHP did the air rescue and I don’t think they bill for the service but the injured hiker will get a bill for the ambulance ride.

If it’s an actual medical situation, the victim is not charged for the city/county/state services.

Some moron on the mountain, that gets “lost after dark”, or “too tired to hike down”, or “was afraid of something that occurs naturally in nature”, should certainly be responsible to repay wasted tax dollars.

You do realize that the CHP pilots are required to do mock training rescues just like this frequently to stay current and proficient, right? This rescue just gave them another opportunity to train by doing an actual rescue so they can skip the next mock rescue.