Man arrested for shooting five rounds at a vehicle in rural Paso Robles

September 8, 2023


A San Miguel man is in jail after he fired multiple rounds at a vehicle following a domestic dispute on San Marcos Road in rural Paso Robles on Thursday evening.

Shortly before midnight, a caller reported a domestic dispute in a vehicle near the 200 block of San Marcos Road. San Luis Obispo County deputies arrived to find a vehicle with five bullet holes, according to scanner traffic.

A man and a woman along with a 3-year-old child were in the vehicle when the argument ensued. The man had fled before deputies arrived. They checked his home on San Marcos Road, but he was not there.

The man turned himself in and was arrested the next morning for shooting a firearm at an occupied vehicle.

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Yep, having lot of armed yahoos roaming around definitely makes society safer…

I would like to know if gun was gotten legally, and be interested to see the prison sentence he will get or does she have to press charges for him to be charges. She says no he goes free as a lot of domestic violence cases end up ?

The gun was almost definitely gotten legally as these days all you basically need to get a firearm is a pulse and a signature. There was a guy recently campaigning to arm the homeless and there is no law to stop him.

Did they take the three year old away from the parent for child endangerment and stop all welfare / public support?