SLO County Assistant District Attorney Dobroth seeking 15% raise

September 24, 2023

Assistant District Attorney Eric Dobroth


San Luis Obispo County Assistant District Attorney Eric Dobroth is seeking a temporary 15% pay raise while District Attorney Dan Dow is deployed to the Middle East. While on deployment, Dow will retain his elected seat while Dobroth will serve as acting district attorney.

Dow said he submitted a request for Dobroth’s raise before he left on deployment.

For the next six to 10 months, Dow is to serve on an active duty mission with the 40th Infantry Division.

On the Sept. 26 consent agenda, county staff recommends that the SLO County Board of Supervisors approve Dobroth’s proposed pay raise to compensate him for the additional duties he will shoulder during Dow’s deployment.

Staff estimates the “additional cost of the 15% salary increase for an estimated 10 months is $29,179.80,” according to the staff report. “The District Attorney’s Office expects to be able to fund this increase with anticipated  salary savings.”

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Funny how Dow never mentioned he had a military obligation that would prevent him from doing his job as DA for up to 10 months when he ran for office! How is this ok? Good for him for serving, but if he wants to go play army for 10 months, maybe it’s time for someone else who is fully committed to be DA permanently. Dow has been fundraising hard to get money for his reelection campaign, but conveniently left this part out.

It was made public that dow was a member of the national guard during his elections. Using someones military service as a reason they shouldn’t have a specific job in the civilian world is messed up. There’s laws that protect national guard members from losing or being punished at their civilian job when placed on active duty.

First question, is Dan Dow receiving any part of his compensation package while he is not doing his job?. There are so many things wrong with goverment compensation pacakages, especially at upper levels, but a 15% raise, temporarily or not, is not right at this time. Part of job is to except temporarily job assignments occasionally, if you do a really good job at them that ceratinly can help your position later for a raise, but to ask for one before you do any of the work is wrong, prove yourself first, but we know thats not how government works.

The County, like many other agencies, provides 30 days of paid military leave per fiscal year. Once that has been exhausted the employee who has been called up would either use vacation time or, most likely, just take leave without pay.

So if that’s the case then the money Dow will not get should be used to cover the 15% requested? Also when they say they can cover the 15% thru other salary ways I hope that doesn’t mean laying off a lower racked employee

The article did say, “anticipated salary savings” would be used.

I hope it was not “anticipated” by the same people who “anticipated” the revenue from cannabis industry, the government went out and spent the anticipated pot revenue and low and behold the actual revenue came in much lower and now they are scrambeling to come up with new money to cover the shortfall, and certainly won’t consider cutting those things the spent the anticipated revenue on first and only spend what actually come in.

I do not know about the private sector but in the world of government, I do know when you take on a temporary position with additional responsibilities you get additional compensation. Is a temporary 15% increase reasonable? I also know that many times you have to advocate for yourself when you are given a temporary assignment or you will get zero additional compensation.