Antisemitic flyers found outside homes in San Luis Obispo

September 24, 2023


San Luis Obispo residents in the Old Town Historic District woke up to antisemitic propaganda on their driveways and yards on Sunday, which is the start of Yom Kippur, a Jewish high holiday.

Similar to fliers left in Grover Beach and Paso Robles, the fliers include a Nazi symbol along with the words, “A call to action.” The fliers ask readers to visit the California Blackshirts’ Telegram channel, where they describe themselves as a pro-white activist group.

The group delivered the fliers in small plastic baggies packed with small rocks. They were found in the area around Leff and Broad streets

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I would love to catch one of these cretins, get all my ya ya’s out. The ignorance and hate from our lowest creatures is astounding.

So would I…. to determine their motivation…. so often we see this kind of silly stuff being staged by trouble makers….

39 million people in California, so why is anyone taking 135 subcribers to this “group” with any level of concern?

Is this the “vast white nazi fascist supremacy sedition gay-bashing Trump supporters” the left seems to always be worried about?

These pansies did this in Hanford and other cities, whining about their ‘lost rights’ as white trash. They claim 1st amendment rights to distribute hate while if ever getting the power they crave would deny that to others.

I so wish I could catch one of these cowards leaving such trash at my house, I have a bit of pent up emotions for such racism and would love to get it out on the right subject.

Article about a new bike lane: “This town is being destroyed by evil incarnate on our City Council – nothing but corruption and malice from liberals in SLO”

Article about active neo-Nazis in SLO: *crickets*

Just as in so many other cases such as this, it’ll most likely turn out to be a hoax perpetrated by some on the left who just love to keep the false narrative of “White Supremacy” alive and well in the 24-hour cycle of “news”.

Well, not “news” but 24-hour propaganda media.

who just love to keep the false narrative ” he said…..

gop gaslight obstruction projection

Nope Kettle. Objective 100% truth.

Before you said “most likely turn out” and now you’re saying it’s objective truth? Which is it?

And please provide some evidence of why your theory – that “the left” is posing as neo-Nazis to try, and uh, conspire to fill media coverage with stories that make us like neo-Nazis less – is better than the common sense answer – there are at least a few neo-Nazis active in our city.

Large claims require large evidence, but I’m only asking for any evidence.

White supremacy flyers found throughout Visalia …

The flyers were placed in plastic bags and left at hundreds of homes in the city and county

Flyers distributed by white supremecist group in Hanford

Antisemitic flyers again distributed across Southern California  

White power is a hoax all right, just like the gop.

But you can pretend it’s the “other” people who are doing it, they also have her emails, his birth certificate and all those missing votes. lol.

Right… so the masked morons displaying a banner (which had exactly the same Othala Rune nazi symbol as these flyers) over the 101 overpass in north county for weeks were also a “leftist hoax”? What a load of BS! You are either naively sticking your head in the sand, or you are one of them. The real hoax here is why the DA hasn’t investigated any of this. If you don’t prosecute these nazis, they will just grow more bold until they start attacking people and burning buildings.

“…grow bold and start attacking people and burning buildings.” Oh, do you mean like Antifa?

Interesting whataboutism that you’d cherrypick “Antifa” to call out here. You can find violent extremist groups on both sides of the political spectrum. Your point? If there was an antifa group doing the same thing locally, I’d advocate for the same remedy. Are you saying we should give our local Nazis a pass because a group like Antifa exists?

Low I.Q. bottom-feeders are more ignorant than rocks.