Unemployment rising in SLO County, California

September 15, 2023


The number of unemployed people in San Luis Obispo County and in California continued to rise in August, the state Employment Development Department reported Friday.

In SLO county, the number of unemployed residents rose from 4,700 to 5,100 from July to August, and from 4,200 to 5,100 during the past year. SLO County’s unemployment rate rose to 3.7% in August, from 3.3% in July.

During August, job losses were seen in the state government sector which lost 1,500 jobs and in the information services industry which lost 100 jobs. In the jobs gained category, local governments employed an additional 600 people in August.

SLO County’s unemployment rate is lower than the national average of 3.9% and the state’s 5.1% rate.

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Most economists would agree that a 5.1% unemployment rate reflects the fact that the workforce is at full capacity. The U.S. economy overall continues to grow at a modest 2-3% per quarter, the same as it has for most of the last 25 years (save the retraction caused by the pandemic) regardless of which party controls the White House or Congress. Political impact on a capitalist economy is perceived to be greater than it actually is.

Of course, inflation continues to be a problem for most Americans, but it is actually now at its lowest point in two years, 3.1%, and about the same as some of our economic competitors such as Germany (4%) and Japan (3%). Our biggest competitor, China, is now experiencing deflation which presents another set of problems. During the last year, wages—3.8% growth—have kept pace with inflation—3.1%. Of course estimates on these things can vary and are always being adjusted, but to say we have a “poor economy” is far from the truth.

In any case, in this economy, if you want to work, you can find a job.

There are of course other metrics one could look at and point to as evidence that Americans are hurting economically (ironically the best articles I’ve seen are from National Review, and from Jacobin). But overall I think you’re right, we are at full employment, inflation has ebbed – we’re doing pretty good. When Americans are asked how the economy is overall they rate it low, but when asked how the economy is for them, how well they’re doing, the responses are much more positive. As usual would hope to see more thoughtfully critical comments than just angry downvotes.

I wear the down votes as a badge of honor, especially when everything I’ve written is factual. Unfortunately, many Americans would rather hear “alternative facts.”

And, by the way L.B., how’s that leg? And definitely a shame about Grace.

Leg should be better in a couple weeks, pending any suspenseful misadventures. Thanks for asking :)

A poor economy nationally eventually makes its way down to the states and counties and cities…. it was only of matter of time…

“job losses were seen in the state government sector which lost 1,500 jobs” it’s not a lose when you have 3,000 too many to start with, plus local government could use an equal reduction.

Real sad part the workers get axed they hire more bosses and give them raises so you loose on both counts

Plus those bosses dont do their job and hire consultants for everything costing us even more