Vehicle hits, seriously injures pedestrian in San Luis Obispo

September 12, 2023


A vehicle struck a pedestrian Tuesday evening at the intersection of Broad Street and Funston Avenue in San Luis Obispo causing serious injuries.

Shortly after 8 p.m., the pedestrian attempted to cross Broad Street in a dark area without a crosswalk. A woman driving a white or grey sedan crashed into the man.

The man was in and out of consciousness, according to a witness. Emergency personnel transported the victim to a local hospital.

Officers arrived and gave the driver a sobriety test, which she passed.


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Did anyone see this happen?

Not certain “victim” is the right word to describe the pedestrian. I take “without a crosswalk” to mean he was crossing somewhere between intersections. There is an unmarked cross walk at every intersection (without signage precluding same). Otherwise the article would have said “without a marked crosswalk”. Anyway, crossing Broad Street in the dark without exercising extreme caution seems like a foolish thing to do.

I don’t know, he seems pretty “conspicuous” to me. Nice editing Cal Coast News.