Arroyo Grande cemetery vandalized

October 25, 2023

Arroyo Grande District Cemetery

Police are searching for a suspect or suspects who recently vandalized grave sites at Arroyo Grande District Cemetery. [KSBY]

The displays and flower arrangement of about six grave sites were destroyed, Arroyo Grande District Cemetery manager Mike Marsalek said. On Monday morning, crews also found drug paraphernalia and nunchucks. 

A vandal my have hit some of the flowers with nunchucks or kicked the displays, Marsalek said. The incident occurred at a location outside the reach of the cemetery’s surveillance cameras. 

One of the graves that was vandalized is that of Olivia Mora-Thole, a girl who died at the age of 16 and was recently buried at the cemetery. Mora-Thole’s grandmother, Maria Roberts, said it is unfathomable to be grieving the loss of a child and to come see her grave site destroyed. 

A cross with lights that twinkled was stolen from her granddaughter’s grave site, Roberts said. Areas nearby also had smashed pumpkins and broken glass.

The Arroyo Grande Police Department is investigating the vandalism. The police department has also increased overnight patrols of the cemetery to prevent a repeat of the incident.

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The morality problem in this country, especially in our youth, is frankly disturbing…

The final product of not allowing parents to discipline. Add violent content of movies, tv, music and video games. Its not going to get better