Men injured during melee in Paso Robles

October 15, 2023

Photo by Glenn O’Hagan


Multiple people suffered injuries during a melee in Paso Robles early Sunday morning.

At about about 2 a.m., a group of six to seven men began arguing near the intersection of 28th and Park streets. One man attempted to run, but another man chased him, according to the police scanner.

Responders transported one man, who suffered serious injuries, to Sierra Vista Regional Medical Center in San Luis Obispo.

Officers arrived and arrested one man for drunk in public. The police department is not releasing further information at this time.

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Paso Robles is a – 1 on the 1-10 danger level. There are no bad parts of Paso even past 21st just a few bad people. You never hear sirens and major crimes are practically unheard of. Paso has the nicest people in the world. Anywhere you break down at 3am and people stop and give you help or the police take you to jail (traffic tickets) and the next day go to your house and apologize to your wife and offer to drive her to go get your keys and judge you on your character and not your color is not bad at all.

Nothing good happens at 2 am in the morning.

Alcohol causes common sense to fly out of the wondow. The area north of 24th Street in Paso Robles is drug gang territory. It is unsafe to go there after dark.

it’s completely safe to go here at night, houses on the north end run for 500k and is the cultural hub and eating spot of Paso for Normal citizens and also has probably the best dual immersion school in this county. One spot in particular, always draws in issues at that exact spot all the time. The Real Issue in Paso is solely People with too much wealth depleting finite resources or ruining them; water, and using private land ownership to overdraft ancient aquifers in less than 45 years. Greed and poverty are issues in Paso; at least poverty has Real Culture for Real People. I’d rather only have people here who appreciate it, support our mom and pop business, and want to make our home better vs Keyboard activism.

28th and Park? That’s very low income housing, There are no 1/2 million dollar houses in the tracts.

There’s two liquor stores, two not-so-great Mexican restaurants, about 3 other Mexican style eateries…

…and myriad drugs, gangs, and “real cultural poverty”.

I lived at 32nd and Spring for far too many years, and witnessed first hand the crap in that neighborhood. Paso PD recommended I carry a gun while outside, because law abiding white people were not very “Bienvenido”.

The houses are a bit nicer along Vine and up the hill behind it. Yes, they are probably $500K. No, I would not want to live near what goes on around Spring Street and toward the tracks including the better neighborhood. Just a matter of time before the crime inches uphill. As far as a dual immersion school noted above, I have no inkling to want to use tax $ to support that. It is only needed for families that have come here illegally.

In 1986 I went to see Bob Dylan and Tom Petty at the Mid State Fair with my Paso girlfriend. She had told me how nasty this area was, like South Central LA. I didn’t believe her. She ordered me to drive to this area after the concert at about 1 am Sunday to prove she was right. She was right. Is nobody inside their house at 1 am?

Tax-free business transactions and free parking.

This does not affect my wine tasting, dining, or lodging experience, ergo, like the City of El Paso de Robles, I do not care.