Police searching for man who burglarized Paso Robles bar

October 11, 2023


Paso Robles police officers are searching for a burglar or burglars who broke into a craft beer bar and music venue early Tuesday morning and stole merchandise.

The Pour House, located at 525 Pine Street, stated in a Facebook post that a man who was wearing a mask, backward hat and what may have been a painter’s suit broke into the venue. At about 3:30 a.m., he apparently smashed a glass door in order to enter the bar.

“He stole a bunch of merchandise, so if you see anyone trying to sell hats or shirts, please let us know, or the Paso PD,”  Pour House wrote on Facebook. “Sad to see this happen in our small town, as this is twice now in three years of ownership.” 

Then at about 5:30 a.m., a person wearing different clothing entered the venue and reportedly stole merchandise, wine and a bag of chicharrones. It is unclear if this person was the same burglar or a different thief. [KSBY]

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I was reading the SLO Reddit page and someone posted asking why so many restaurants like Big Sky and Splash have closed down recently. Everyone mentioned greedy landlords but no one mentioned increased crime due to the passage of Prop 47, the agressive homeless, the raise in parking fees, etc.

When someone finally did note those issues they were immediated voted down and the thread was closed. The denial of SLO county voters is mind boggling.

Prop 47 has made criminals feel empowered and should be repealed.

Everyone mentioned greedy landlords but no one mentioned increased crime due to the passage of Prop 47″

“The denial of SLO county voters”

Denial? No, the down vote happened because big sky /splash did not close due to crime and 47, that person was trying to change the subject to something that did not happen, just like the above comment.

And where is all this money going to come from to keep so many people in prison? Do you think the cost of theft to businesses and citizens somehow exceeds the costs of massive imprisonment? Especially with the increased cost of government projects, building and maintaining sufficient facilities will drain your pocket quicker than any robbery ever will. It costs an average $106k to imprison some per year in California. I’m not trying to justify or excuse theft here, but it comes in many forms. We need to be more creative about how we handle theft.

The bottom line is a strong economy and lots of job opportunities DOES help. Obviously many criminals don’t care about jobs, but the trickle down effect of a better economy does lead less people trying to make money from criminal activities. More imprisonment does the opposite of that. Higher taxes to pay for $39 million dispatch centers, $50 million police stations, and paying the $106,000 per prisoner per year does not help the economy.

“Police searching for man who burglarized Paso Robles bar.” OK, great…. But ‘ya gotta wonder “What’s the point?” because, even if they do catch him, the next thing we’ll hear about it is that “The suspect is no longer in custody.”

Yep, if he stole less than $950 it is catch and release, even if he came back a few hours later and stole again less than $950 he walks, separate crimes have their own limits, and if he comes back next week and steals again less than $950 no real consequences. We must like this because those we continue to elect do nothing to change this.