San Luis Obispo hit-and-run suspect arrested

October 3, 2023


Police arrested a woman Tuesday on allegations she drove into a San Luis Obispo pedestrian and left him in the street with major injuries.

Shortly before midnight on Aug. 19, a caller reported an injured man lying in the roadway at the intersection of Santa Rosa and Higuera streets. Concerned citizens blocked the roadway while they awaited officers.

First responders then transported the injured man to a local hospital. He remains in the intensive care unit.

During an extensive investigation, police identified the driver as 20-year-old Dahlia Dechance Brown of SLO.

Officers booked Brown into the SLO County Jail for hit-and-run and driving with a suspended drivers license because of a DUI charges. She is no longer in custody.

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“No longer in custody” means that someone paid her BAIL. This is the very reason that I am against the bail system. It means that repeat offenders, who present an obvious danger to the public, may still be allowed to roam free while awaiting trial. Not a good idea, IMHO. If she were being held or released depending on her level of danger to the public, a repeat offender like herself would be cooling her heels in a cell right now. I will likely get voted “down” for mentioning this fact, because the majority of those who comment here seem to think that a monetary deterrent is sooo much more effective than taking the suspect’s actual crimes and proclivities into account.

The “value” of money means too much in some situations, but nothing in others. Please take that into account.

Innocent until proven guilty. Simple enough explanation for the bail system imo.

Absolutely right….

“No longer in custody.” WTF? With possible access to another vehicle and influential substance(s)?

My thought as well.

I guess people do get the government they deserve…