SLO County needs to rethink vaccine mandate, retract the order

October 3, 2023


I did not yet know of SLO County Health Officer Dr. Penny Borenstein’s shocking order to our health care workers when I commented on our state legislative platform at the Sept. 26 Board of Supervisors meeting, but now that we do know of it, the message is as needed here as it is in Sacramento.

The message

Three and a half planks need to be added to our county’s State Legislative Platform:

1. Outlaw gut and amend. That’s how SB 846 was rammed through the legislature under pressure from the governor with no committee hearings and unread by most of the people who voted on it. An example of its dire consequences is the recent waiver extension for Diablo’s once-through-cooling, in which the State Water Resources Control Board abandoned its responsibility to investigate the impacts of such a decision, strong-armed by a Legislature that also did no investigation.

2. An even wider breach of representative government has been the normalization of emergency powers. Their legitimate purpose is to allow swift response to unforeseen events when resources must be mobilized faster than orderly public process would accommodate. Any other use is abuse.

A democratic republic is lost if habitually ruled by decree. Legislation is needed to require findings of unforeseeability to justify any declaration of emergency, and emergency powers must sunset in 30 days unless extended by the Legislature, with repeat extensions capped at six months absent a vote of the people.

Rule by decree can magnify error unchecked as exemplified by the COVID response, for which Newsom now acts abashed, but it was his responsibility to notice the studies already emerging to show the ineffectiveness and harm of his orders. The 15-month stay at home order, the huge upward transfer of wealth, the elders forced to die isolated from loved ones and the torture this imposed on those loved ones, the developmental delays imposed on children, the arbitrary decrees as to who was essential and who was non-essential, the destruction of family businesses as their customers were crowded in with the hordes jamming the corporate big boxes…most egregious of all, the mandates and coercion around the dangerous medical experiment purported to be the vaccines.

Visit the website REACT-19 to link to 3500 studies showing all sorts of harm from these formulations, much of it dire. Which brings me to:

3. We need to incorporate the Nuremberg Code on medical experimentation, complete and verbatim, into California’s Health and Safety Code so that it has the force of law, to prevent such a travesty from happening again.

And the 3 1/2? A federal matter, but the California Legislature needs to pass a resolution imploring Congress to repeal Section 704 of the Telecommunications Act of 1996, so that state and local governments can protect our health from intensifying electromagnetic smog. Relevant studies on these dangers and impacts are referenced in my comments on the SLOCOG Regional Transportation Plan.

I stand by that message, but now we know that there is an urgent need to add the Nuremberg Code to our county codes as well. Our health care workers are being coerced to participate in the medical experiment of the latest, recently released, barely tested COVID vaccines.

Even given the option of masking, the order violates this code which calls for potential subjects of any experiment to be able to exercise… the free power of choice, without the intervention of any element of force, fraud, deceit, duress, overreaching, or other ulterior forms of constraint or coercion.

Trump’s “Operation Warp Speed” delivered new substances into arms after eight months of testing, inducing the public to be guinea pigs for Phase Three testing. Biden has outdone Trump, with barely a month elapsing between his announcement of moves to prepare a new substance “everyone” should take and its arrival at pharmacies and clinics. This would seem to sweep the public into all phases of product testing.

And let us not forget that some of these health care workers might be pregnant. What consent can those they are carrying give to participation in this experiment?

Let us hope that our county health officer rethinks the consequences of her order, and retracts it. Failing that, let us hope that health care workers, some of whom are unionized, effectively band together to resist it!

If those on whom we depend to guard everyone’s health are denied the opportunity to make informed decisions affecting their own health, then our “health care system” is seriously weakened, at the same time as all of us, sick and healthy, suffer from the the oppressive sense that everyone’s autonomy is contracting due to the further normalization of rule by decree.

Eric Greening, a long-time resident of the North County, has served as a government watchdog for decades.

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You had me at “electromagnetic smog”! Hope that tin foil hat fits!

Hey Eric, I’m with you in part, not completely, but you make some important points. I’m thinking you’ll cast your vote for RFK? I’m not mocking you but it sounds like the two of you share similar concerns regarding testing and safety protocols for medical intervention, the corporate captivity of the pharmaceutical/public health apparatus and so much of our lives, freedom of choice and expression…etc.

I guess Mr. Greening, who doesn’t appear to have any scientific credentials, is smarter than Katalin Karikó and Drew Weissman, who recently won the Nobel Prize in medicine for developing the mRNA vaccines. Go figure?

They didn’t develop the vaccines. They discovered a pathway that could be exploited.

Stand corrected. Yes, I believe these vaccines have been worked on since the 70’s and the quest to figure out a cure for Legionnaire’s disease.

Someone entrenched in the government bureaucracy admitting they were wrong, don’t hold your breath.

No, your opinion is not science.

This is just a rehash of the anti-vax bs repeated on the net stitched together as an original work.

It’s funny the copypasta does not account for the years that have gone by.

Those in either party who make claims by party rather than the science are causing discord in our nation. Eric Greening is a well-known liberal environmentalist in our community and was not an anti-vaxer. Currently, most scientists are more in the middle with many saying not everyone needs every booster, which do have risks attached. The attached article from a scientific magazine is from Sept. 1, 2023.

I know who he is and I have read much of his writing, I have lived here for decades.

This opinion piece is literally part of the trend, intentionally causing discord in our nation, he does not get a pass for past stances on other issues.

Having a different view does not cause discord, wanting to force everyone to agree with your views on science or anything else, which is often conflicting and later prove wrong, causes discord. Our country was founded on the idea that people could have their own views on multiple issues, and the right to speak out. But you call other people’s views trends, and your views science. I think it will be years before we know more of the facts about COVID and the vaccines. Are you so you are right on everything about COVID and why other people say what they say?

wanting to force everyone to agree with your views….causes discord” Yet here are you and Eric.

“Having a different view does not cause discord” No, but attempting to manipulate others does, this is not the nfl.

Yet here Eric is not a doctor, but he (like you) wants to give medical advice, he is not qualified.

If someone want’s a vaccine get one on not, wear a mask or not, your choice. Want to manipulate others like this opinion, that’s bs, ask your doctor for medical advise.

Look at the horse paste people they “did their research” look at what happened, where are they today?

Tldr: Don’t give medical advice if you are not a medical professional, opinion are not medical degrees.

plural nounopinions

  1. a view or judgment formed about something, not necessarily based on fact or knowledge.

His Point is, No one has a right to FORCE a potentially dangerous Vaccine on anyone!

I understand, everyone who got the Jab, wanted EVERYONE to get the jab!! You didn’t want to be the only ones sucked into getting a vaccine?, (especially with unknown consequences,) so they scream about the unvaxed, and how they would KILL others by not being vaxed! Remember? Remember they also told you you could not get Covid once you were vaxed? but that was not true either now was it! But for example, my son in law, (who has a rare heart condition). Would be an idiot to take a chance taking the jab. The damage it caused is real! and by the way, they did LIE about the effects, thus creating even more mistrust. There are people suffering still because of the VAX!

He didn’t give medical advice. He made a point about an over reaching government! And showed the Damage caused by the vax is REAL! you can ignore the facts all you want. Geese, if I was vaxed, I would ignore the facts too! Could not imagine thinking I took such an intense risk, just based on my TRUST of this Government!

His Point is” Eric can speak for himself.

I understand, everyone who got the Jab, wanted EVERYONE to get the jab!! ”

No. Q is that way >>>>>>>

Checked out the React19 site. They report 1295 “Stories (or claims) of Vaccine Injury”. This should be compared to, as of 9/28/2023, 654.77 million Pfizer/BioTech and 155.1 million of Moderna doses administered worldwide.

So the math is 1,295/810,870,000 or 0.0002%.

If one gave our fellow citizens 809.87 million lollipops there would be a similar rate of injury from the paper stick. I am more worried about a lot of other stuff. Never the less, natural immunity is better.