Grover Beach police nab car thief, recover vehicle

November 28, 2023


Grover Beach police officers arrested a felon in possession of a stolen car early Tuesday morning.

After receiving an alert that a stolen vehicle was near the intersection of  Oak Park Boulevard and Atlantic Avenue, officers located a a red Hyundai Elantra in the Vons parking lot. Earlier in the week, a resident had reported their Elantra had been stolen and described the alleged thief.

While inspecting the car, officers saw a man walk out of the grocery store who matched the alleged thief’s description. Ryan Soqui 37, of Grover Beach spotted the officers and ran.

Officers later found Sogui hiding under a bush near a housing complex, but he again ran with officers in pursuit. Ultimately, officers arrested Soqui and booked him in the San Luis Obispo County Jail on charges of car theft, grand theft, resisting arrest and for parole violations.


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Obviously, parole didn’t work in his case. I hope for the sake of the public he is put away or a long time, but I’m not going to hold my breath. If he gets the same lawyer as the gym owner who filmed women undressing at the gym and had an unregistered gun, he’ll be out in a year. So sad.

Back in 2012 this guy took a plea deal for 17 years in prison for carjacking, kidnapping, robbery — and an enhancement for being on parole. How is he back in Grover Beach doing it all over again? Groundhog day strikes again.

Do a Google on this guy and wonder what the heck was he doing out of jail. Something is wrong.

He was also the one that car jacked a foreign exchange student in slo and made her drive to the atm. I was in aghs class of 04 with Soqui and he went from jock to dark side then. Other honorable mentions from my class is

– Ryan petetit whose parents ran a crooked shill club soccer team and whose dad was busted for raiding the Pismo evidence while he was a cop, now look at him with belsher. I even have dirt on

– jimmy paulding but he was a really decent guy then