New roundabout coming to Avila Beach

November 9, 2023


In an attempt to reduce delays and improve safety, San Luis Obispo County is planning on starting construction for a new roundabout on Avila Beach Drive near Highway 101 early next year.

For years, drivers traveling through the five-legged intersection of the Highway 101 southbound ramp, Avila Beach Drive, and Shell Beach Road have experiences significant congestion during peak hours, especially on weekends. The roundabout is slated to reduce travel time through the intersection to approximately 14 seconds.

To reduce congestion and maximize efficiency, the project will:

  • replace the stop-controls at the southbound ramp and Shell Beach Road intersection with a single-lane roundabout
  • install traffic calming features approaching the roundabout, including along the northbound off-ramp
  • provide a park-and-ride lot with bus stop

The project, which is estimated to cost a total of $15,866,400, will be primarily funded through different government grants and programs. It is expected to be completed in 2025.

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How will they get the giant wind turbine parts through there?

That’s going to be some tight turning. There’s barely enough room for what is there now!

I’m guessing as big (or as small) as the one in Morro Bay.

It may take some getting used to, but roundabouts are dramatically safer than stop signs or traffic lights. Not a believer? May want to read what IIHS has to say among the other 100’s of articles/studies that corroborate roundabouts’ much improved safety.

Roundabouts (

Find me accidents that result in deaths in a roundabout…. Can’t really t-bone people in a roundabout. I mean you can if you drive through it but that’s not the streets fault, a four way isnt going to help with those people.

Wasting almost sixteen million dollars! Who’s poopy idea was that?

There is no way this is going to make things safer, especially with the amount of out of town traffic that area sees. I have a feeling it was all pushed for that little bikeway/sidewalk that goes under the freeway to nowhere, is there really that much pedestrian traffic coming down monte Rd? I have literally never seen anyone walking there. Go spend that$$!

“Out of town traffic?” Are you implying that people from “out of town” won’t be able to figure out how to drive through a roundabout? What do you mean?

I frequently go to the CHP Website and read about traffic accidents at the round about in Buellton. After driving on round abouts I think building and driving on them is a horrible idea.

Roundabout, let’s call this one the Cyclotron, to commemorate the power plant.