Recall of SLO County Supervisor Gibson cancelled, though not over

November 16, 2023

SLO County Supervisor Bruce Gibson


San Luis Obispo County Clerk-Recorder Elaina Cano on Tuesday canceled the recall Supervisor Bruce Gibson petition after the filers missed a deadline. The Committee to Support the Recall of Supervisor Bruce Gibson plans to file a new petition and restart the recall process.

“We may lose a few battles, but we are going to win the war,” said John Whitworth, the committee’s spokesperson. “Just a bump in the road.”

On Oct. 31, the petitioners served Gibson at his home in Cayucos and then filed the petition with Cano’s office. On the same day, Gibson answered the petition, which gave the committee 10 days to publish the petition in a newspaper of general circulation. The committee missed the deadline by two days.

Moving forward, the committee will need to restart the process. After the petition is approved, the group will need to gather about 7,500 signatures. If successful, the recall for District 2 supervisor could be on the March ballot.

While the voters will then decide whether or not Gibson stays in office, they will not select his replacement.

In 2022, Gov. Gavin Newsom signed a bill that changed the way elected officials in California can be recalled. Before 2023, the recall election permitted voters to select a replacement. Based on Assembly Bill 2584, Gov. Newsom is now charged with appointing a District 2 supervisor if Gibson is recalled.

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So this group wants to gouvern this county. And they missed the dead line by 2 days!

Ladies and gentlemen looks like you can not make the difference between your head and your bottom!

Haven’t we had many elected officials error on some report/form they are required to file and we normally just give them a pass and say it was a clerical error. This seems to fall into the same category, the bureaucracy is meant to confuse us and keep those in power in place.

Small-minded, unhappy group of people who can’t win at the ballot box.

If the Republicans had a decent candidate, they wouldn’t have to resort to this lame effort. A very sad statement about local Republicans and their efforts to subvert democracy and further division in our community for no good reason.

 canceled the recall after the filers missed a deadline.”

“We may lose a few battles, but we are going to win the war,”” said John Whitworth

A war? Wtf is he high?

We all have jobs, family, homes and or community volunteering, while much of the process in government is performed by volunteers, paid staff and paid elected officials. The obvious disparity is that staff is paid to navigate around the will of the public and certainly has the new rule books. I don’t know what happened to this recall effort but, there seems to be a communication problem? Gibson lives on with a 13 vote victory, a missed due date recall attempt and a questionable ethics history. Could be that he is just getting ready to retire, which is another victory, no more due dates and history is just that.

Gruesome gets to appoint the replacement for a recalled politician. What a blow to democracy, what happened to the populous choosing their representatives. At this rate all elected positions will be appointed by the governor, we citizen can just stay home and be represented by whatever wacko the governor appoints.

As in the Gibson case if he is recalled he will only be replaced with another far left nut job.

“ canceled the recall after the filers missed a deadline.”


Gruesome, wacko, nut job, citizen can just stay home.

Based on the new procedure, if Gibson is recalled is there any prohibition that would prevent Gruesome from appointing Gibson.

What happened, couldn’t get a local paper to publish the petition?

Sounds fish wrap.

Was their “bump in the road” because Ms Stebbins wouldn’t pay her filing fees? Sad…

Willing to use their megaphone & get on Congalton & let their gripes air… but can’t put together a better candidate to beat Gibson…

Move on & get a life

Sounds about right, Dumb idiot owes us Cash for her BS farenheight 451 BS. and Gibson is a Troll. A hooked grabbler, a greedy Grabbler.

“Just a bump in the road”… Incredible… This is so embarrassing.

more like a sinkhole into hell.